Clearing the air

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by RBC Insurance

According to Health Canada, indoor air pollution levels can be higher and more harmful than outdoor air pollution. This is true when doors and windows are shut – either to keep heat in during the winter or heat out in the summer. But there are some simple steps you can take to help improve the air quality of your home.

• Don’t smoke inside your home

• Use premium quality HEPA or ESP furnace filters

• Replace your everyday housecleaning products with greener versions

• Ensure you have adequate air circulation and exchange by running kitchen and bathroom fans or occasionally opening windows

• Use heavy-duty cleaning products, solvents and paints only in well ventilated areas

• Use wood-burning fireplaces sparingly

• Use air conditioning sparingly and try to keep the windows open at night when it’s cooler

For more information on how to help keep the air in your home healthy, visit the Health Canada Indoor Air Quality website.

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