Better Protections for Bust Condo Buyers

Better Protections for Bust Condo Buyers, A Dire Price Prediction and Seattle: The New Vancouver? – Weekly Real Estate News Recap

Cancelled Condo Raises Call for Better Buyer Protections The cancellation of a pre-construction condo development in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood has… Read More »

mid-month November real estate numbers

Mid-Month November Real Estate Numbers Show Listings Surge [INFOGRAPHIC]

November is typically a slower month for real estate sales, as the back-to-school buying boom subsides and the pending holiday… Read More »

Pre-construction cooling off period

The Pre-Construction Cooling Off Period: What Ontario Buyers Should Know

While experiencing misgivings is a normal part of the home buying process, buyers who feel enough regret to walk away… Read More »

October Housing Market

INFOGRAPHIC: Seller’s Conditions Creep Back into October Housing Market – CREA

National home sales edged up only slightly in October from the previous month, but fewer homes listed for sale have… Read More »

average Toronto home price 2018 prediction

INFOGRAPHIC: Average Toronto Home Price Predicted to Rise to $863,610 by August 2018

There’s a favourite saying among real estate analysts offering forward-looking forecasts: that no one has a crystal ball. However, while… Read More »

Design studio tips

Design Studio Tips for New Homes

Buying a home on concept involves the additional step of customizing its interior, inside out. Many major home developers have… Read More »

How Does For Sale by Owner Work?

How Does For Sale By Owner Work?

For the majority of Canadians, the first step towards selling your home is to contact a licensed real estate agent.… Read More »

vendor take-back mortgages

Why Vendor Take-Back Mortgages are Making a Comeback

Just how much has the Greater Toronto Area housing market changed since the introduction of the Ontario Fair Housing Plan?… Read More »

Large Condo Shortage

Toronto’s Large Condo Shortage, Vancouver’s Empty Homes Tax, and Ontario Condo Disputes Go Online: Weekly Real Estate News Recap

Toronto Condo Bedrooms Come Up Short: Study As house prices continue to rise in the Greater Toronto Area, buyers are… Read More »

How to get a rental with no credit score

How to Get a Rental with No Credit Score

Stepping into Toronto’s rental market without a sufficient credit score, or even without one entirely, can feel like a losing… Read More »