Buying a Home

Why are property taxes higher in the suburbs?

Why Are Property Taxes Higher in the Suburbs?

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Selecting the Perfect Rental Tenant

4 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Rental Tenant

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2016 Hot Housing Market

INFOGRAPHIC: Canadians Needed a Hand to Get Into 2016 Hot Housing Market

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January mortgage pre-approval

Why January is a Great Time to Get a Mortgage Pre-Approval

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Record Real Estate Prices

2017 Kicks Off With Record Real Estate Prices

The new year has arrived – and it will be the priciest ever for Toronto homebuyers, as the real estate… Read More »

What will increase your home insurance rate

10 House Features That Will Increase Your Home Insurance Rate

Home insurance costs are calculated on numerous factors that include location, the profile of people living in the house (e.g.… Read More »

Buying a Home in the Suburbs

4 Tips for Buying a Home in the Suburbs

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townhouse in the suburbs

Why You Should Consider a Townhouse in the Suburbs

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Toronto Land Transfer Tax

Is There a Hike Coming for Toronto Land Transfer Tax?

Toronto’s City Council has floated the idea of increasing the municipal land transfer tax homeowners pay on their real estate transactions… Read More »

Up and coming Toronto neighbourhoods

Top 3 Up and Coming Toronto Neighbourhoods

The urban boom is alive and well in Toronto real estate, and many neighbourhoods that have always been considered up… Read More »