Buying a Home

Pre-Construction Condo Development Charges

What Are Pre-Construction Condo Development Charges?

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how to make a complaint to reco

How to Make a Complaint to RECO

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cottage real estate

The Cottage Real Estate Market is Heating Up: What Buyers Should Know

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Rent-to-Own: What You Need to Know

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renting month-to-month or lease

Renting month-to-month or lease: What is the difference?

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What does as-is condition mean when buying a home

What Does As-Is Condition Mean When Buying a Home?

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Brands are getting into real estate

Why High-End Brands Are Getting Into Real Estate

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Escalation Clause

What Is an Escalation Clause?

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Bought but can't sell

Bought But Can’t Sell? 7 Tips for Homeowners in a Hurry

For the first time in years, the number of Toronto real estate sales has dropped for consecutive months. April saw… Read More »

Best Neighbourhoods to Buy a Home in Durham Region

The Best Neighbourhoods to Buy a Home in Durham Region

The region of Durham is a large area located in the Golden Horseshoe of southern Ontario. It is located east… Read More »