Buying a Home

Design studio tips

Design Studio Tips for New Homes

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What Are Comparable Sales

What Are Comparable Real Estate Sales?

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How to Make a Bully Offer

How to Make a Bully Offer

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Down Payment Gifts

Down Payment Gifts: What New Buyers Need to Know

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Canada's Luxury Hotspot

Canada’s Luxury Hotspots – Toronto Outpaced Only by Vancouver in Uber-Luxury Market

Real estate prices remain a hot topic for Canadians, especially in the context of affordability and market stability. And with… Read More »

How to check plumbing and electrical

How to Check Plumbing and Electrical When Buying a Home

When purchasing a Toronto townhouse, detached home, or condo, it can be tempting to focus on the superficial aspects like granite… Read More »

Buying Your Second Home

How Buying Your Second Home is Different from Your First

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The 5-Point Checklist Every First Time Home Buyer Needs

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Go over budget on your home

Should You Go Over Budget on Your Home Purchase?

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Hamilton Condo

6 Reasons to Buy a Hamilton Condo

Hamilton has a proud designation as Ontario’s Steel Town, with a rich history as a centre of industry and, more… Read More »