Should I decorate my home if it is on the market during the Christmas Holidays?

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“Should I decorate my home if it is on the market during the Christmas Holidays?”


“Absolutely – but conservatively. Let the exterior of your home blend in with the neighbours which looks and feels homey. Get a smaller tree so that it doesn’t make your room look too small. Put your family’s presents away but wrap a few empty boxes for the effect. Go the extra mile and leave out cookies and cider or hot chocolate out for your buyers. They might not remember the moldings, but they will remember free food and drink! To help schedule showings, let your agent know ahead for times and dates when the house will be unavailable for showing. With some extra thought to decorating and scheduling, you can certainly prepare for showings at this time. However, stop and think whether you really want to – it may be easier to pause for a short time while holiday celebrations are going on and then start anew in January. “

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