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Qualifying for a mortgage

You Didn’t Qualify for a Mortgage… Now What?

It’s been seven months since new mortgage qualification rules, in the form of Guideline B-20, came into effect in Canada.… Read More »

Questions to ask when choosing a home inspector

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Home Inspector

Buying a home is the largest financial commitment of your lifetime. There are many professionals making up the business part… Read More »

Do I Need a Real Estate Agent When Buying Pre-Construction?

Do I Need a Real Estate Agent When Buying Pre-Construction?

Buying any home can be both costly and complex, and it’s always advisable to thoroughly understand your purchase agreement. However,… Read More »

What is a Buyer Representation Agreement

What is a Buyer Representation Agreement?

Buying a home, particularly your first, is likely the most important purchase you will ever make. The huge sums of… Read More »

How to Make a Bully Offer

How to Make a Bully Offer

A new paradigm now exists for Toronto real estate – while prices are still high, sales volumes are down significantly… Read More »

Low-Ball Buyer Offer

How to Respond to a Low-Ball Buyer Offer

Recent data from the Toronto Real Estate Board shows that home sales in the GTA in September were down 35… Read More »

Co-operative home buying

Co-Operative Home Buying: What You Need to Know

Although the extreme inflation that characterized much of the past year appears to be at an end, buying a home… Read More »

New B-21 Mortgage Rules

New B-21 Mortgage Rules Are Coming. Here’s What to Expect

Buckle in, borrowers: turbulent policy changes are on the way, and they’ll make it even tougher to qualify for a… Read More »

how to profit from a house flip

8 Tips: How to Profit from a House Flip

Thinking of making a quick buck on the hot real estate market? The practice of “flipping” a home – purchasing… Read More »

what home buyers should know about corner lots

What Home Buyers Should Know About Corner Lots

Whenever my wife and I have been in the market for a new home I’ve had a few personal deal… Read More »