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What Credit Score Do I Need To Get A Mortgage In Canada

What Credit Score Do I Need To Get A Mortgage In Canada?

Rachel Surman, Borrowell Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make in your lifetime. In… Read More »

Are Variable Mortgage Rates the best choice

Are Variable Mortgage Rates Still the Best Bet?

Interest rates have been in the news lately, in Canada and around the world. The U.S. Federal reserve has been… Read More »

Should you borrow from your home to invest?

Should You Borrow From Your Home to Invest?

Stick one arm out in front of you and push down on your bicep with your other hand. Not much… Read More »

Growing Cannabis at Home

What You Should Know About Growing Cannabis at Home

  By Lift & Co. Canadians of legal age can buy recreational cannabis freely as of Oct. 17, but don’t… Read More »

Finding a rental in Toronto or Vancouver

Essential Tips for Finding a Rental in Toronto or Vancouver

By: Haley Fairclough So, you’re looking for a rental in Toronto or Vancouver and you feel like everything is working… Read More »

How much does it cost to move

How Much Does It Cost To Move?

Moving is as exciting as it is expensive. Many people try to cut costs by doing most, if not all,… Read More »

Tips for getting into today's housing market

5 Tips for Getting Into Today’s Housing Market

The real estate in cities like New York and London is so precious, most residents will never own their own… Read More »

Beat the heat in your home

3 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat in Your Home

Remember the comfort of a roaring fireplace, hugging a cup of hot cocoa with a warm blanket wrapped around you?… Read More »

Mortgage Stress Test

Data Suggests Millennials Hard Hit by Mortgage Stress Test

We may have just been given the first indication of how the mortgage stress test has impacted borrowers – and… Read More »

Canada's top 10 priciest homes

3 Of Canada’s Top 10 Priciest Homes are Located in Toronto

With a generally lackluster spring season, the Toronto real estate market might keep on this path of volatility and uncertainty due… Read More »