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ow much space can you get for $300k

How Much Space Can You Get for $300k in Canada’s Top Cities?

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Home and Life Insurance

Why Home and Life Insurance are Needed When Buying a Home

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Where to find affordable rents

INFOGRAPHIC: Where to Find Affordable Rents Across Canada

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Digital Mortgage

The Rise of the Digital Mortgage

How Mortgages are Changing Forever in Canada  The shift to completely digital mortgages seems to be taking place rather gradually,… Read More »

2016 Hot Housing Market

INFOGRAPHIC: Canadians Needed a Hand to Get Into 2016 Hot Housing Market

Soaring home prices in some parts of the country have made it harder for a number of first-time homebuyers looking… Read More »

What will increase your home insurance rate

10 House Features That Will Increase Your Home Insurance Rate

Home insurance costs are calculated on numerous factors that include location, the profile of people living in the house (e.g.… Read More »

How to save a down payment under new mortgage rules

How to Save for a Down Payment Under the New Mortgage Rules

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What are the best floors for condo investment?

What are the Best Floors for Condo Investment?

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Home Winter Maintenance

7 Home Winter Maintenance Steps That Can’t Be Missed

So much time and effort is put into the process of obtaining a home – and since it’s such a… Read More »

Why you should trust a broker

4 Reasons Why You Should Trust a Broker With Your Mortgage (and Not Your Bank)

This article was written by a guest author from Lendesk, makers of mortgage software for Brokers and lenders. Every mortgage application… Read More »