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How Do I Save Up for my Down Payment

How Do I Save Up for My Down Payment?

The decision to buy your first home is a major milestone, and homeownership is a point of pride for many… Read More »

Is Now a Good Time to Buy Toronto Real Estate

Is Now a Good Time to Buy Toronto Real Estate?

Toronto real estate kicked 2017 off with strong plus-30-per-cent year-over-year price growth, intense bidding wars, and very short average days… Read More »

Vancouver condo market speculation

Vancouver Condo Market Speculation is Behind High Prices

Vancouver’s condo market is heating up, with agents reporting strong demand for pre-sale units from local and foreign buyers. Condo… Read More »

What Property Managers Look for in Tenants

What Property Managers Look for in Tenants

With the ever-erratic housing market in Toronto, both home buyers and tenants alike have their work cut out for them.… Read More »

Mortgage pre-approval

What If I Don’t Use My Mortgage Pre-Approval?

When the home hunting bug strikes, the first thing most would-be home buyers do is look up online real estate… Read More »

Home Insurance Claims

Nearly 50% of All Home Insurance Claims are Related to Water Damage

The main purpose of home insurance is to protect homeowners and tenants from unexpected risks. These risks can damage their… Read More »

Pre-construction cooling off period

The Pre-Construction Cooling Off Period: What Ontario Buyers Should Know

While experiencing misgivings is a normal part of the home buying process, buyers who feel enough regret to walk away… Read More »

Canada's Luxury Hotspot

Canada’s Luxury Hotspots – Toronto Outpaced Only by Vancouver in Uber-Luxury Market

Real estate prices remain a hot topic for Canadians, especially in the context of affordability and market stability. And with… Read More »

Can you afford a $1-million home

Can You Afford to Buy a $1-Million Home?

As a kid, being a millionaire meant that you’d made it. But now, a million dollars went from being the stuff… Read More »

The 5-Point Checklist Every First Time Home Buyer Needs

Embarking on your very first real estate purchase? Being a prepared home buyer will help you make informed decisions during… Read More »