Social Media and Marketing Your Property

by Teri Conrad

You must have noticed by now that Social Media is fast becoming a necessary tool in order to be an effective Real Estate Agent. The problem I’m seeing is that many Realtor’s ® don’t yet understand the tech tools and/or the rules of engagement.

You may think as a Seller that it’s great if your Realtor® is posting your listing as a tweet or on his Facebook…but how is he doing it?

It appears as noise or spam if it sounds something like this: “I just listed this 3 bedroom home in _______________ neighborhood for _______________ dollars”.

The only people interested in hearing/seeing that will likely be you – but the Realtor® is likely alienating everyone else. There is one caveat…if the Realtor® has a Facebook Business Page. Here would be an appropriate place to share his business information. There are so many tools that are designed for listings. For instance, your Realtor®, can post to MLS, Zoocasa, Kijiji, Craig’s List and a host of other sites specifically designed for the home buying target. The people who go there will be anxious to see your listing details.

Check to see what your Realtor® is offering in his/her marketing plan. Check to see if he has a Business Facebook page. How is he engaging? Does he communicate with his audience? Is he answering a lot of questions and positioning himself as a trusted resource? Or is he just pushing his message? “Visit this listing” “Come to my open house” ?

We’re not all natural marketers and the rules have certainly changed. Make sure your Realtor® understands and can position/market your property in the best possible light.

About the Author


A modern Realtor® for 4 years, Teri is passionate about and embracing Web 2.0, utilizing online marketing initiatives and social media to maximize exposure and sell properties! She earned a diploma in Radio Communications from British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) which positioned her well with the knowledge and experience to anticipate the new media and new technology world. Teri’s background is in marketing and selling radio advertising for Rogers Communications Inc.

Teri founded the Fraser Valley Social Media Meetups to share her knowledge and facilitate learning and networking in her community of Langley, BC, as well as sits on the Communications and membership committees of the Langley Chamber of Commerce. Teri also consults with clients who need guidance with their social media strategy and content management. Most recently, Teri was asked to speak at Inman’s Agent Reboot Conference in Seattle and Portland. Known as @TLCHOME on Twitter… Teri is happily married and has 2 great sons and a step daughter

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