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Last fall I was vacationing abroad when I heard about Google Voice. With my laptop and a wireless connection, I was able to make a free call to Canada from my web browser! Introduced in the spring of 2009, Google Voice was at first available via invitation only, just as Gmail was back in the day. This year, calls and texts to North America remain free to make, while international calls can be made at lower rates.

What’s cool about Google Voice?

Make calls from your Gmail account while you’re logged into your email or download the app and use it on your mobile phone. Think of the various functions that you love about Gmail and you’ve got pretty much the same super handy features that can be applied to your phone calls: creating groups, labeling and filtering calls, creating voice mail notifications, plus record, screen or block your incoming calls.

How does this help Real Estate Professionals?

Imagine the benefit of streamlining your communications and creating more time by simplifying the organization of your business dealings. Here’s a look at some of what Google Voice can offer:

Voicemail transcription
Interested in getting voicemail messages emailed to you as text and be able to search through old messages? It’s great for situations where you can’t play the message aloud or if you need to look up info.

Get one Google Number
You can choose a new telephone number, which is your Google number, and set up which phone lines, such as an existing landline or mobile phone, that will ring when that number is called. You can even keep an existing number – via Number Porting – to be selected as your Google Voice number (but the service with your current provider would be cancelled).

Easy-to-Make Conference calls
Google Voice allows for conference calls to be made easily without long, complicated phone-in numbers or access codes.

Google Voice App
With the Google Voice app on your mobile phone, make phone calls using your Google number (your outbound caller ID shows as your Google number) or low cost international calls and be able to sort through voice mail messages at a glance.

Check out the overview video below or if you have given Google Voice a try, leave a comment below with what you think or if you have your own tips to share!

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