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by Teri Conrad

It’s cliché but its true, especially here in Vancouver, BC. Voted Most Liveable City 2011 albeit least affordable!

There’s always been high demand for properties nearer to the water and downtown core and is ever increasing. When you live in an area where there is no room to grow ‘out’ then land becomes increasingly valuable.

But even in smaller suburbs the same can be true. What makes some neighborhoods more valuable than others? Here are some things to consider when you’re shopping a new neighborhood:

1. Proximity to downtown core and ease of commute.

2. Look for cleanliness/children/families/etc.

3. Check out Walkscore ~ Are there amenities within walking distance?

4. Green space: Are there many parks or paths?

5. Recreation and Schools ~are there enough schools? Are they dated?

6. New developments ~ suggests growth and infrastructure.

Finally go visit the City Hall if you really want to know what’s going on. They’ll have a ‘Neighborhood Plan’ where you can learn about all future development. Ask your Realtor® about what’s slated and where the best values are. Remember, home ownership isn’t just a roof over your head ~ it’s the largest investment you’ll ever make. Do your homework!

About the Author

A modern Realtor® for 4 years, Teri is passionate about and embracing Web 2.0, utilizing online marketing initiatives and social media to maximize exposure and sell properties! She earned a diploma in Radio Communications from British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) which positioned her well with the knowledge and experience to anticipate the new media and new technology world. Teri’s background is in marketing and selling radio advertising for Rogers Communications Inc.

Teri founded the Fraser Valley Social Media Meetups to share her knowledge and facilitate learning and networking in her community of Langley, BC, as well as sits on the Communications and membership committees of the Langley Chamber of Commerce. Teri also consults with clients who need guidance with their social media strategy and content management. Most recently, Teri was asked to speak at Inman’s Agent Reboot Conference in Seattle and Portland. Known as @TLCHOME on Twitter… Teri is happily married and has 2 great sons and a step daughter.

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