7 Ways to Update Your Home Without Spending a Fortune

When it comes to the look and feel of your home, it shouldn’t be considered a precise science that one has to get right overnight – it’s simply impossible to master that fast. Instead, play around and explore as many options as you can during the creative process to get the look just right. But how do you perfect placement and décor while also making everything look luxuriously expensive without having to take out a second mortgage? In fact, it can be much easier than you think, especially with these inspiring cues from interior design firm Décor Aid.

Start With Flooring

Whenever you begin to update any room in your home, it always pays to start with fresh flooring ideas as a foundational starting point. This will work to help you better define a space and will inform you on colour schemes, furniture placement and scale, as well as working as an anchor to tie everything in the room together.

Seek Out Heirloom Finds

When it comes to updating and elevating your home with little to no budget on hand, sometimes all it takes is a little bit of some creative resourcefulness. And since older furnishings were much more ornate and better-made than new ones, you should have no problem sourcing unique and interesting finds from second-hand stores and sample sales. Or you could even ask friends and family if they have any hand-me-downs that could come in use for your home.

Use High-Shine and Reflective Elements

If you’re looking to make a room feel as bright as possible and a little bit more glamorous at that, nothing beats high-shine reflective and glossy surfaces for getting the job done. Think mirrors, chrome and brass furnishings, and glass and crystal to really make a stunning and luxurious statement.

Re-edit Everything

One of the best ways to refresh a home without spending any money is to tour it and survey where everything is placed, and how it makes you feel. That chair in your family room may have been sitting there since you moved in, but maybe it would look better in another room? And the same goes for tabletop décor as a simple move and switch out could make a room feel new again. Plus, you’ll take pride when someone asks you where you got that fantastic new vase that’s actually been sitting in your study for a decade, if not longer.

Finally Frame Those Prints

It should go without saying that room-defining art is essential throughout any home, but since it can be an investment and takes a creative eye, most people overlook the appeal of art altogether. But without it, a room will feel instantly incomplete. So instead of bringing in tired inspirational art pieces that say things like ‘live, laugh, love,’ why not finally frame those inspiring prints you’ve been sitting on for ages?

Go For Extra-Long Curtains 

Many don’t realize it, but repositioning your window treatments can create a huge change in the look and feel of any room. By opting for floor-to-ceiling window treatments, you’ll make a room appear much larger and grander than it really is since the ceilings will feel higher. And if you’re short on windows in a space, you can also fake a wall of windows by completely covering it with elegant drapes.

Create a Layered Lighting Scheme

Décor Aid interior designers are often shocked by the lack of lighting they see time and time again in homes of any size and from any era. Instead of relying on standard overhead lighting, create a room-defining lighting scheme with a variety of lights installed at different heights throughout a room. Think a pendant light, sconces, table and floor lamps, and even candles to create a cozy and intimate feel. This will, in turn, help you create a more inviting feel that keeps the eye moving and will look even better when you source different types of bulbs for a richer, mood-enhancing look.

Images via Pinterest