What is my obligation to an agent when there’s no buyers contract?

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This week’s Ask the PROS Question: “If an agent has been spending a lot of time showing me a lot of houses and did not do a buyers contract with me, and if I find a house privately or through another agent when the one I have been working with goes on a vacation, what is my obligation to the agent who has been working with me?”

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Legally you are not bound but the very fact that you are asking this question shows that morally you feel not right about this. Even if there was no written contract, some verbal communication may have led that agent to believe that you would be going with him/her only. After all, you have yourself written that he/she spent a lot of time showing you houses. Is the other agent aware that this has happened. As good practice we always ask the prospective buyer if they are working with another agent. Do what you feel is the right thing to do.

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