What are the benefits of working with a Mortgage Broker?

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What are the benefits of working with a Mortgage Broker?

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“There are many key benefits in working with an experienced mortgage broker. The main element is the availability of a large suite of mortgage products that brokers can offer you as opposed to a limited suite of products that any individual bank can offer.

As experienced professionals who receive updates on mortgage products daily, we are able to source out better rates and specials that specific lenders are offering to get the client the best rate on the market. Most lenders have specials based on times of closing and deal type/client type which enable us to get a better rate for the client by being informed of these specials regularly.

We have relationships with lenders and get volume discounts because we bring lenders volume business so we can get better rates with specific lenders because of our on going business relationship.

There are many other elements to a mortgage that the average person does not think about when getting a mortgage. Most people just think rate. There are other things like pre-payment privileges, penalties if broken, amortization periods and compounding periods. I make sure that I get to know your future goals real well to make sure you get the right product with the best pre-payment privileges and terms.

I get to know my client’s portfolio real well so I make sure the product they get is 100% right for them and I provide excellent personal service and a direct line to my cell phone when my clients need me. Beats calling a customer service number and holding on the phone for a different rep every time who does not know you personal portfolio!

Best of all we do all the work for free to the client and the lender pays us a finders fee for bringing them the mortgage. The client gets the best rate, professional advice and the right product.”

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