Bank of Canada

Higher Bank of Canada Rates

How Will Higher Bank of Canada Rates Impact Your Mortgage?

As expected, the Bank of Canada hiked its target for the overnight rate Wednesday morning, giving current and potential homebuyers… Read More »

Bank of Canada hikes rate to 1.25

Bank of Canada Hikes Rate to 1.25% in January Announcement

Interest rates are on the rise for the third time in six months, with the national cost of borrowing now… Read More »

rising home prices

Rising Home Prices Pose Biggest Economic Threat: Reports

Rapidly rising home prices have been a volatile issue in Canada for years, as shelter costs far outpace average incomes in… Read More »

Discussing Prime Rate

by CanEquity How is Prime Rate in Canada Determined? Canada’s prime rate is a guideline rate announced by the Bank… Read More »

Mortgage Rates Update in Canada

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