Added Health Insurance Coverage: Could it Benefit your Family?

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First comes love, then comes marriage. More times than not, these are then followed by mortgage and insurance. Most homeowners will consider life and disability insurance upon the purchase of their home. As those homes grow, as children are born and parents age, health insurance also takes priority.

Today Canadians have access to a wide variety of health insurance products that add to and complement the universal health care they already receive through their provincial or territory health plan. These products include medical wait list insurance, which expedites your access to diagnostics and specialist services; critical illness insurance; long-term care insurance; Private Health Services Plans (PHSP), which incorporate uncovered prescription, dental and vision costs into a tax free benefit; travel insurance and more.

As of this month, that list will also include health insurance that gives Canadians access to medical services and second opinions by Mayo Clinic. The MyCare Insurance Program is an innovative product that provides individuals, couples and families insured coverage for medical second opinions, diagnostics and, when deemed appropriate, treatment for serious illnesses or major orthopaedic conditions at the appropriate Mayo Clinic campus.

Best of all, this insurance is affordable. Coverage for a young non-smoking family starts at roughly $2 per day. No deductibles, co-payments, or medical pre-screening will ever be required. A pre-existing conditions clause will apply.

MyCare Insurance premiums are deductible within a PHSP, meaning they can be covered by the tax-deductible benefit you issue as a self-employed or small business. For more information, contact a PHSP provider today.

MyCare is currently available across Canada with the exception of Quebec.

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