We Come Bearing….Bad News?

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by Kelley Skar

Have you got some bad news lately? Have you blamed the messenger? Did you think the person delivering the “said” news was trying to get under your skin? Hopefully you haven’t had any bad news lately and you haven’t seriously maimed the messenger!

Ok just what am I talking about here? I recently had a discussion with a colleague about having to deliver the news to the potential client that the home they bought in 2006 or 2007 is not worth as much as what they paid for it. She mentioned to me that the recipient felt like she was insulting him by delivering this news. Huh?

Those of us that bought homes in 2006 or 2007 have had close to 5 years to think about and examine what the market has done. If you didn’t realize that your home is not worth, in most cases, what it once was…I have to ask…were you living in a cave in the hills of Afghanistan the past 5 years?

The fact is, if you bought during the boom and you are looking to sell now, be realistic and come to the conclusion that you may not have the equity you thought you had.

So please if you could do me one little favour…Do NOT shoot the Messenger! Of course if the news is good…go ahead and shower us with kisses, chocolate, and flowers (My wife told me to put that part in!)

At the end of it all we as REALTORS® are only delivering the news the market has told us…Hopefully we do not come bearing bad news!

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Kelley has consistently been in the top 5% in sales since he started full time in the real estate industry in 2008. He went through a major shift in his marketing plan at the end of 2009, recognizing the trend, and making the move towards digital marketing including websites, video, blogging and social media. Kelley is incredibly passionate about the use of technology and social media in his business and is often sought out for advice from other Agents from across North America. Kelley’s primary websites are: http://nwcalgaryliving.com and http://kelleyskar.com.

To connect with Kelley through Social Media follow him on twitter.com/kelleyskar and on Facebook.com/kelleyskar. If you have questions or comments you can reach Kelley direct at [email protected].

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