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If you’ve ever stopped in the street to admire a beautiful home, you know the meaning of curb appeal: that intangible, love-at-first-sight attraction that invites you inside.
Whether you are preparing a property for resale or just want to refresh your home’s look, the following areas of décor and maintenance may help make a striking first impression.

Be impeccable with basic maintenance

An obviously well-maintained home can earn genuine curb appeal. Plus, taking care of the basics may help protect the structure. Here are some common tips you might consider that may improve a home’s looks:
  • Start at the top. If you see any worn shingles or flashing, call in the roofer.


  • Fix or replace sagging eavestroughs or downspouts. If you want a new look, opt for a different colour.



  • Upgrade older doors and windows. Convert to a more modern, energy-efficient style. At the very least, wash all front-facing windows and/or paint the trim.



  • Touch up exterior finishes. Look for any signs of peeling paint, loose mortar or damaged siding, and make appropriate repairs.



  • Repair entryways. Fill in cracks or unevenness in steps and walkways to ensure a safe and level path.



  • Organize your clutter. Stow garbage bins, kids’ toys and sports equipment out of sight. Make the most of your home’s garage or storage space by hanging gear neatly up on hooks.


Plant an inviting landscape

Aside from the pleasure of strolling through a well-appointed front garden or walkway, well-planned landscaping can add to the perceived value of a home. Here are some ideas you could keep in mind as you draw up your own to-do list:
  • Tame jungle-like areas or unruly weeds. Whether you have a manicured lawn or a perennial garden, it should look neat and tidy.


  • Turn bare spots or shady no-grow zones into a design feature using ground covers such as mulch, pretty pea gravel or river stones.



  • If you plant a well-chosen container with a burst of colourful blooms in a small condo or townhouse frontage, it can really stand apart (but do respect any condo association bylaws or guidelines in dressing up your unit).


Decorate with a sense of lifestyle

Your choice of outdoor furniture and accessories can help convey a distinctive style, while making outdoor living space appear functional and welcoming. As you consider ways to show off your own home, you may find inspiration in these ideas:
  • Woo guests with an inviting outdoor bench or chair, if there’s room for seating by the door or on the porch. You can make it comfy by adding an artful pillow or throw blanket.


  • Consider repainting the front door or porch to add a splash of colour — effective whether you choose a subdued classic or a bright, trendy hue.



  • Check the condition of hardware such as the front door knob, address plaque and mailbox. An update could make a strong visual impact. At the very least, make sure everything is cleaned and polished.


If you are considering selling your home in the future, consult with a real estate professional and consider whether it might make financial sense to borrow to complete bigger projects that may contribute to resale value later on. A TD Canada Trust Home Equity Line of Credit, for example, is one way you can use some of the equity in your home to finance improvements you want or need. You can make repayments as low as minimum monthly interest-only payments.

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Farhaneh Haque is the Director of Mortgage Advice with TD Canada Trust, a leader in residential real estate mortgages and home equity lines of credit. With over 18 years of lending experience, she is entrusted with the responsibility of offering mortgage advice to help Canadians make informed decisions about home financing and ownership. 

Farhaneh and her team draw upon research commissioned by TD Canada Trust, which reveals consumer attitudes and behavior related to home ownership such as choosing and buying a first home, renovating and greening a home, as well as understanding gender, regional and other demographic preferences. They also have access to proprietary research from TD Economics on topics such as Canadian interest rate forecasts and Canadian housing market insights 

In her personal time, Farhaneh is an active member of community groups promoting youth education; in particular helping high school students in securing funding to pursue post secondary education.

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