Super Penthouses: 5 Stunning Units For Sale Around the World

By: Stacked Homes

Back in Singapore, the buzzword on everyone’s lips the past month was “super penthouse”. The reason: the huge news that the most expensive penthouse in Singapore was sold to British billionaire James Dyson. Although the final price of S$73.8 million was quite far from the initial price that was bandied about (S$100 million), it is still a staggering sum for a condominium in Singapore.

In luxury real estate, it truly seems there is no ceiling for prices. Now, there appears be a new tier of what is deemed a luxury property, with terms used such as “super penthouse” and “crazy sprawling estates”, and prices that have reached stratospheric levels. As you might have guessed, coming by a super penthouse is extremely rare given that they have to fulfill certain criteria. For one, they are usually located in the city’s most expensive location. Naturally, they have to be perched at the building’s highest price point, and sometimes even within the city itself. Lastly, they refer to apartments that are at least 10,000 square feet in size.

Wondering what these colossal units look like? Here are the top five super penthouses that are still up for grabs!

1. Eighty Seven Park in Miami: $68 million

Designed by Renzo Piano, Eighty Seven Park in Miami is a luxury development that contains 70 super residences. The super penthouse up for sale at $68 million has 12,400 square feet of space and a sprawling outside terrace. On the inside, you get two private lifts that lead to six bedrooms and a total of 11 bathrooms. To round it off, there is not one, but two infinity pools.

2. 212 Fifth Avenue in New York: $58 million

At 10,000 square feet of interior space and 6,000 square feet of outdoor space, this super penthouse in New York offers unobstructed views of the Empire State Building, the Flatiron Building, and the World Trade Centre. With that amount of space, there are only five bedrooms and five-and-a-half bathrooms so you can just imagine the amount of space dedicated to each.

3. Pacifica Towers in Auckland: $24.2 million

This super penthouse in Auckland occupies the 53rd and 54th floors, the top two levels of the largest and most expensive penthouse currently in New Zealand. At 12,787 square feet, it boasts four bedrooms and a private guest suite. Other amenities include a formal lounge, a library, a media room and a fitness centre with a spa, sauna and steam room. Last but not least, a wine cellar and tasting room. 

4. Tour Odeon Tower in Monaco: $387 million

At a truly awe-inducing 35,500 square feet, the Tour Odeon Tower Sky super penthouse in Monaco is the biggest unit on this list by far. It spans five storeys on its own and boasts 360-degree views over the sea with a stunning outdoor circular infinity pool that is accompanied by a water-slide linked from the balcony.

5. Reflections @ Keppel Bay in Singapore: $49 million

With six of the 11 super penthouses currently for sale around the world in Singapore, it’s no surprise that at least one would end up on this list! Designed by Daniel Libeskind, Reflections at Keppel Bay is a stunning architectural feat with its six glass towers perched on the waterfront on Keppel Island. At 13,304 square feet, this super penthouse has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms.