3 Major Components of a Kitchen Renovation

By: RenovationFind

Kitchen renovations will improve your home’s resale value and your enjoyment of the space too. Kitchens have one of the highest returns on investments, so this room is a smart place to invest your renovation dollars.

When it comes to kitchen renovations in Calgary, you must consider functionality as well as aesthetics. The things you choose for your kitchen renovation should be visually appealing to your taste but need to match your lifestyle and how you use the kitchen. Here are three major components of a kitchen renovation:

Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets will be the most extensive and most expensive item in your budget. The cabinets will determine the layout of the kitchen, storage, function, and how it looks. You have a few options, each with a different price point, for kitchen cabinets. Custom cabinets allow you to customize the kitchen entirely and are strong and durable when built by experienced and reputable cabinet companies. Homeowners can also choose semi-custom cabinets for a mid-range option, allowing some customization. Stock cabinets are the most affordable option but have limitations. If you don’t mind the basic layout of your kitchen, stock cabinets can work for you.

Kitchen Countertops

Your kitchen countertops will be a significant focal point in the room. While choosing countertops, you must consider how they will function compared to how you use the kitchen. Some countertops might look good, but if you’re busy in the kitchen, they might require more maintenance than you’re ready to put into them. The most popular countertop options include granite, engineered quartz, solid surface, and laminate. Other options, like butcher block and stainless-steel countertops, are also gaining popularity among homeowners. Learn more about types of countertops and prices here.

Flooring for the Kitchen

Floors in the kitchen must stand up to regular spills, splatters, and general moisture. The best choices for kitchen flooring are tile, vinyl, and linoleum. Laminate flooring is not entirely water-resistant, and hardwood floors might suffer premature wear and tear in this busy and sometimes messy space. You can treat your hardwood to be more resilient in the kitchen. If this is what you want, ask a flooring specialist for more information. You also must make sure your flooring has a good flow with the rooms connected to the kitchen. Attractive flow is especially vital if you have an open concept layout.

Working with a general contractor can help you with all these decisions. They act as a project manager and offer full design services. They can help you choose things that look great but are still within your budget and needs for functionality.