Real Estate Round Up – Nov 28 to Dec 3

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Welcome to this week in Real Estate News. 

Make an offer that can’t be refused. Image from The New York Observer,

We start off today with an interesting listing: the house from the Godfather movies is up for sale, as reported in this Globe & Mail article. The asking price is $2.9 million or (yes, they had to add this) “or an offer they can’t refuse”.

Good news, The Financial Post recently published findings by the Royal Bank of Canada that due to lower house prices and mortgage rates in the last few months, owning a home in Canada has become more affordable. Read more. … Here’s a similar article from Report on Business.

Speaking of affordability, if you already have a mortgage here’s advice on how to make a return on it using your RRSP.

I’ll leave you with this article from CNN Money that predicts an upcoming housing bust in Canada. Okay, so it was actually published a week ago but this description had to be shared:

“Canada, once known mainly for its Mounties, maple leaves, and muscular peacekeeping presence, now can crow about how it managed to avoid the financial crisis that devastated many of the economies of the Western world.”

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