Ratehub.ca’s Homebuyer Jeopardy Contest

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Love sharing tips with fellow home buyers and dispensing mortgage advice? Well, why not use your financial savvy to enter and win Ratehub.ca’s “Homebuyer Jeopardy” contest? Running through until the month of August, there’s little more than a week left for a chance to win $300. Who couldn’t use a little extra cash to put towards your house, car or that special something you’ve been wanting to save up for?

How does the contest work you ask? Each week a video of a question posed by a home buyer is posted on the Ratehub Facebook page. Entrants will watch the video and use their know-how (or, use the Ratehub.ca webpage to brush up!) to find/answer the question and submit the answer by using the app on the contest page to be entered in the draw.

After each week’s question closes, Ratehub will post an expert answer by a broker or realtor so the learning can continue!

Get more details on the Ratehub Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ratehub).

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