Moving? There’s an App to Make it Simple

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Editor’s Note: I met with Reuvan Gorsht, co-founder of MoveSnap, a new service that helps homebuyers with their big move. I was really impressed and think it could be extremely useful to both buyers and sellers. The MoveSnap team put together an article explaining the service. Enjoy!

“Sign here, initial there. Congratulations on your new home!”

After two years of looking at dozens of properties and losing multiple bidding wars, Natalie and Trevor Gold finally got their dream home. They’re noticeably excited as Trevor pops a bottle of champagne, and the couple toasts to new beginnings.

The same night, as Natalie and Trevor get ready for bed, it starts sinking in. “We have only 40 days until we move, Trevor,” utters Natalie in a worrisome voice.

Like most professional couples, Natalie and Trevor lead busy lives, working over 60 hours a week in the finance industry, often travelling for business. What ended on a high note the previous evening quickly escalated into a stressful situation.

Over the next days, things tense up even more as Natalie takes on the brunt of planning everything that needs to be done. She starts calling moving companies. She struggles through figuring out what stuff will fit in the new house and what should be sold or donated. She spends an hour on the phone, trying to figure out how to get Internet service installed in the new home. The list of to-dos just keeps growing.

There’s no other way to say it: Moving is one of the most stressful life events.

If you’ve moved, you know how much of a pain it is to get dozens of tasks done in a short period of time. Even things that seem simple, like changing your address and moving your utilities can take hours. You always forget something and remember down the road when you’ve missed that credit card payment or didn’t get your driver’s license renewal form.

Toronto-based startup MoveSnap claims to have the answer to simplifying the entire moving process. Their app acts like your personal moving concierge the moment you decide to move, guiding you along your entire moving process. The app puts everything you need for your move in one place, so you can get things done very quickly.

MoveSnap covers almost every aspect of your move and goes beyond just helping with those tedious moving tasks. For example, when moving, you’re usually looking for answers to questions, like what size storage locker to rent or how many moving boxes you should order to pack your condo. Google searches are great for that, but can turn up mixed results and data overload. MoveSnap answers these questions and more by analyzing data from thousands of prior moves. It takes the guesswork out of the process and educates users so they can avoid costly mistakes.

If you’re moving, or are planning to move, you can get an invite to use MoveSnap from your real estate agent, who makes the app available at part of the service they provide.

It’s a far stretch to think of moving as a simple activity, but perhaps, like many other things, technology has found a way to help us enjoy our new home with less of the stress and frustrations that come with moving.

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