Mississauga Home Prices by School Boundary [Infographic]

For those on the hunt for the perfect family home, school boundary is often a top consideration, along with property size, number of bedrooms, and green space. In fact, in ultra-competitive regions such as the Toronto real estate market, homes located within the most coveted school districts come with a price premium. But does the same hold true for communities throughout the GTA?

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Mississauga has long been a highly-sought buying destination for its urban convenience and family-centric communities. The sixth-most populous municipality in Canada, Mississauga also boasts a thriving business centre (including Lester B. Pearson International Airport), several of the province’s largest retail centres, and a variety of neighbourhoods, each steeped in unique heritage and character.

Mississauga housing stock is also comparably less pricey than its 416 counterpart – on average, detached Mississauga houses for sale can be had for $1,090,069, a considerable discount from the $1,426,094 it costs to buy the average house in Toronto. It is also home to over 100 school boundaries, catering to one of the largest suburban populations in North America.

But are the highest-ranked school boundaries found only in the most expensive neighbourhoods? To find out, Zoocasa analyzed freehold average home prices in neighbourhoods throughout the city, correlating them to the highest- and lowest-ranked school districts, based on EQAO scores. Check out the findings in the scatterplot infographic below:

Mississauga Home Prices by School Boundary


Top 5 School Boundaries by EQAO Ranking

  • St. Rose of Lima Separate School (3.3), $1,115,000
  • John of the Cross School (3.3), $784,881
  • Kenollie Public School (3.2), $2,425,000
  • Timothy School (3.1) $1,576,333
  • Christopher School (3.1) $1,439,631

Top 5 Most Expensive School Boundaries

  • Kenollie Public School (3.2) $2,425,000
  • Owenwood Public School (2.8), $2,277,000
  • Tecumseh Public School (2.9), $2,029,522
  • Hawthorn Public School (2.8), $1,877,222
  • Mineola Public School (3.0), $1,728,167

Top 5 Least Expensive School Boundaries

  • Brian W. Fleming Public School (2.7), $558,808
  • Corpus Christi School (3.0), $583,286
  • Alfred School (2.6), $596,506
  • Morning Star Middle School (2.7), $623,667
  • Elizabeth Seton School (2.8), $665,833

Check out our table below to view the average freehold house price for Mississauga elementary school boundaries.

Mississauga Elementary SchoolAverage EQAO ScoreAverage Freehold House Price in School Boundary
Brian W. Fleming Public School2.7$558,808
Corpus Christi School3.0$583,286
St Alfred School2.6$596,506
Morning Star Middle School2.7$623,667
St Elizabeth Seton School2.8$665,833
St Richard School2.9$668,027
Settlers Green Public School2.9$671,286
Shelter Bay Public School2.8$674,889
St Edmund Separate School3.1$689,062
St Louis School2.9$705,200
Silver Creek Public School2.7$722,286
Hillside Senior Public School2.6$726,154
St Gerard Separate School2.6$729,000
St Teresa of Avila Separate School3.0$731,617
Springfield Public School2.7$741,600
Dixie Public School3.0$748,318
Thorn Lodge Public School2.8$750,929
St Helen Separate School3.1$754,727
Plum Tree Park Public School3.2$757,800
Glenhaven Senior Public School2.7$758,380
McKinnon Public School3.1$759,253
The Valleys Senior Public School2.6$770,231
St Albert of Jerusalem Elementary School2.9$772,028
Ruth Thompson Middle School2.9$773,376
Kindree Public School2.7$780,500
Millers Grove School2.7$782,721
Churchill Meadows Public School2.9$784,675
St Faustina Elementary School2.8$784,675
St John of the Cross School3.3$784,881
St Simon Stock Elementary School3.1$786,800
Metropolitan Andrei Catholic School2.7$790,400
Lisgar Middle School3.0$807,571
St Clare School2.8$810,000
Trelawny Public School2.9$822,559
Osprey Woods Public School2.7$822,700
St Edith Stein Elementary School3.0$824,933
St Margaret of Scotland School2.8$825,234
St Sebastian Catholic Elementary School2.9$826,400
Oscar Peterson Public School3.0$826,585
Vista Heights Public School3.1$835,583
Brookmede Public School2.8$836,344
St Veronica Elementary School3.1$845,429
Hazel McCallion Senior Public School3.0$853,983
Champlain Trail Public School2.7$854,975
Ray Underhill Public School2.6$858,726
Meadowvale Village Public School3.0$861,692
Barondale Public School3.0$872,000
San Lorenzo Ruiz Elementary School2.9$872,000
St Raymond Elementary School3.0$872,429
Whitehorn Public School3.0$873,375
St Gertrude School2.8$873,543
Artesian Drive Public School2.8$877,960
Dolphin Senior Public School2.9$883,345
Bristol Road Middle School2.9$883,700
St Pio of Pietrelcina Elementary School2.7$892,417
Fairwind Senior Public School2.8$892,550
St David of Wales Separate School2.9$908,799
St Julia Catholic Elementary School2.9$911,400
David Leeder Middle School2.9$914,217
Tomken Road Senior Public School3.0$915,609
Corsair Public School3.0$924,895
Nahani Way Public School2.7$927,455
Erin Centre Middle School3.1$929,215
Allan A Martin Senior Public School3.0$965,978
Janet I. McDougald Public School2.8$981,159
Sheridan Park Public School2.9$985,148
Silverthorn Public School2.9$985,313
Divine Mercy School3.0$989,922
Camilla Road Senior Public School2.8$997,375
St. Barbara Elementary School2.9$999,167
Erin Mills Middle School2.5$1,015,130
Levi Creek Public School3.0$1,020,714
Thomas Street Middle School3.1$1,050,014
Riverside Public School2.7$1,054,000
Sawmill Valley Public School2.7$1,084,952
All Saints Catholic School2.8$1,088,227
Garthwood Park Public School2.7$1,097,147
Clarkson Public School2.6$1,097,147
Cashmere Avenue Public School2.7$1,098,125
Middlebury Public School3.1$1,098,967
Christ The King Catholic School3.0$1,113,500
Homelands Senior Public School2.9$1,114,209
St Rose of Lima Separate School3.3$1,115,000
Castlebridge Public School3.0$1,123,800
Our Lady of Mercy Elementary School2.8$1,123,800
Mary Fix Catholic School2.8$1,190,389
St Dominic Separate School3.1$1,214,937
St Mark Separate School3.2$1,223,000
Whiteoaks Public School3.1$1,352,247
Hillcrest Public School2.9$1,352,247
St Christopher School3.1$1,439,631
Oakridge Public School2.5$1,486,182
Lorne Park Public School3.0$1,542,313
St Timothy School3.1$1,576,333
St Luke Catholic Elementary School2.9$1,577,282
Green Glade Senior Public School3.0$1,615,813
St Jerome Separate School2.8$1,652,091
Mineola Public School3.0$1,728,167
Hawthorn Public School2.8$1,877,222
Tecumseh Public School2.9$2,029,522
Owenwood Public School2.8$2,277,000
Kenollie Public School3.2$2,425,000

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