Hamilton Home Prices by School Boundary [Infographic]

What’s the next real estate hot spot for growing families? Look across the Golden Horseshoe – as detached home prices remain stubbornly high in the Greater Toronto Area, buyers who want greater square footage, backyard lots, and private driveways are turning to neighbouring cities.

Hamilton, in particular, has become a popular buying destination for those looking to stretch their budgets. Not only is it within reasonable commuting distance to Toronto’s downtown core, the city is also home to vibrant communities with growing dining, retail, and entertainment scenes. That’s important to millennial buyers, who value walkable neighbourhoods, local businesses, and reliable transit.

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Hamilton: An Affordable Alternative for House Buyers

While real estate in Hamilton has surged alongside the rest of the Golden Horseshoe – the city was forecasted to be the “hottest market” of 2017 after experiencing 20-per-cent year-over-year price growth over the previous two years – freehold home affordability is very comparable to that of the 416.

The average freehold (non-condo) home price in the city was $587,348 in August, reports the Real Estate Board of Hamilton-Burlington. That’s an over-$600,000 difference compared to the average detached home price of $1,191,052 in the City of Toronto. As well, the cooling effects of the Ontario Home Buyer’s Plan have also been felt in the Hammer, improving market balance.

“The tendency toward a more balanced market that we have seen over the last few months has continued into August, said RAHB CEO George O’Neill in the board’s August report. “The sales to new listings ratio is at just over 65 per cent, which is still in the low end of a seller’s market, but much closer to balance than earlier this year.”

The Search for Top Ranked Hamilton Schools

As Hamilton houses are becoming increasingly popular with families, finding a home close to great schools is top of mind for many Steeltown home buyers. The good news is, unlike other cities where school rankings and home price are closely correlated, great schools and real estate deals can often be found in the same neighbourhood.

In fact, according to a Zoocasa analysis of average 2017 home prices within the boundaries of 97 Hamilton elementary and secondary schools, the most expensive elementary school boundary had a lower average EQAO score compared to schools in boundaries where average home prices were up to $440,000 cheaper.

Hamilton Average Home Price and EQAO Rating by School Boundary

Hamilton Home Prices by School Boundary

For example, take the average price for homes close to Immaculate Conception Catholic Elementary, a school with a 2.92 EQAO rating. Located in Ancaster, the average nearby home price is $838,337. Parents looking for a deal, however, will find it in nearby East Hamilton, which has an average home price of $396,964, and Sacred Heart Separate School, which boasts an EQAO rating of 2.97. That’s a difference of nearly $450,000 in average home price near very similarly ranked educational institutions.

Hamilton Home Prices School Boundaries Map Zoocasa

Check out our table below to view the average home price for Hamilton school boundaries.

School NameLevelBoardEQAOAvg Home Price in Boundary
Annunciation of Our Lord Elementary SchoolElementaryCatholic2.72$ 452,521
Beverly Central Public SchoolElementaryPublic3.22$ 543,959
Blessed Sacrament Separate SchoolElementaryCatholic2.42$ 401,331
Canadian Martyrs SchoolElementaryCatholic2.72$ 454,811
Dr John Seaton Senior Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.72$ 440,495
Dundana Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.80$ 447,508
Dundas Central Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.67$ 500,110
Earl Kitchener Junior Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.80$ 567,890
Eastdale Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.63$ 467,477
Elizabeth Bagshaw SchoolElementaryPublic2.30$ 435,518
Fessenden SchoolElementaryPublic2.87$ 674,304
Flamborough Centre SchoolElementaryPublic2.87$ 830,494
Franklin Junior Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.50$ 409,561
Gatestone Elementary Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.77$ 582,779
George L Armstrong Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.20$ 391,785
Glen Brae Middle SchoolElementaryPublic2.65$ 422,528
Glen Echo Junior Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.46$ 415,263
Gordon Price SchoolElementaryPublic2.77$ 457,654
Green Acres SchoolElementaryPublic2.50$ 454,514
Greensville Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.97$ 676,497
Guardian Angels Elementary SchoolElementaryCatholic2.82$ 648,074
Guy B Brown Elementary Public SchoolElementaryPublicn/a$ 654,636
Helen Detwiler Junior Elementary SchoolElementaryPublic2.45$ 457,550
Hess Street Junior Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.30$ 362,690
Highview Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.45$ 440,719
Hillcrest Elementary Public SchoolElementaryPublicn/a$ 441,034
Holbrook Junior Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.42$ 446,136
Holy Name of Jesus Separate SchoolElementaryCatholic2.50$ 324,973
Holy Name of Mary Catholic SchoolElementaryCatholic3.02$ 686,612
Huntington Park Junior Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.55$ 463,577
Immaculate Conception Elementary SchoolElementaryCatholic2.92$ 838,337
Immaculate Heart of Mary Separate SchoolElementaryCatholic2.93$ 646,567
James MacDonald Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.80$ 533,748
Janet Lee Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.75$ 500,021
Lake Avenue Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.45$ 368,500
Lawfield Elementary SchoolElementaryPublicn/a$ 451,197
Lincoln Alexander Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.53$ 498,730
Lisgar Junior Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.53$ 489,732
Mary Hopkins Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.88$ 620,592
Memorial Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.80$ 433,106
Millgrove Public SchoolElementaryPublic3.07$ 678,284
Mount Albion Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.82$ 554,586
Our Lady of Lourdes Separate SchoolElementaryCatholic2.43$ 446,753
Our Lady of Mount CarmelElementaryCatholic3.12$ 757,627
Our Lady of PeaceElementaryCatholic2.97$ 487,425
Our Lady of the Assumption Separate SchoolElementaryCatholic3.15$ 551,239
Regina Mundi Separate SchoolElementaryCatholic3.07$ 478,625
Sacred Heart Separate SchoolElementaryCatholic2.97$ 396,964
Sir William Osler Elementary SchoolElementaryPublic2.93$ 514,968
Spencer Valley Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.78$ 682,378
St AgnesElementaryCatholic2.87$ 403,723
St Anthony Daniels Catholic Elementary SchoolElementaryCatholic2.47$ 482,465
St Augustines SchoolElementaryCatholic3.05$ 558,856
St Brigids Separate SchoolElementaryCatholic2.37$ 423,233
St Clare of AssisiElementaryCatholic2.90$ 488,817
St David SchoolElementaryCatholic2.73$ 418,218
St Eugenes SchoolElementaryCatholic2.75$ 347,195
St Francis Xavier Junior Separate SchoolElementaryCatholic2.98$ 480,016
St James the Apostle Separate SchoolElementaryCatholic3.12$ 550,284
St Joachim SchoolElementaryCatholic2.93$ 663,096
St John the Baptist Separate SchoolElementaryCatholic2.85$ 422,571
St Josephs Separate SchoolElementaryCatholic2.72$ 436,881
St Lawrences Separate SchoolElementaryCatholic2.72$ 369,752
St Luke Separate SchoolElementaryCatholic2.90$ 339,749
St Margaret Mary Separate SchoolElementaryCatholic2.90$ 491,483
St Marguerite dYouville Elementary SchoolElementaryCatholic2.72$ 500,774
St Marks Catholic Elementary SchoolElementaryCatholic2.92$ 507,161
St Martin of Tours Separate SchoolElementaryCatholic3.03$ 530,550
St Matthew Catholic Elementary SchoolElementaryCatholic2.87$ 533,311
St Michaels Catholic Elementary SchoolElementaryCatholicn/a$ 503,374
St Patricks Catholic Elementary SchoolElementaryCatholicn/a$ 341,375
St Paul Separate SchoolElementaryCatholic3.12$ 528,442
St Teresa of Avila Separate SchoolElementaryCatholic2.90$ 597,345
St Vincent de Paul Separate SchoolElementaryCatholic2.48$ 565,723
St. Gabriel Catholic Elementary SchoolElementaryCatholic3.02$ 529,600
St. Kateri TekakwithaElementaryCatholicn/a$ 392,612
Strathcona Junior Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.66$ 419,864
Sts Peter & Paul Separate SchoolElementaryCatholic2.70$ 424,280
Tapleytown Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.58$ 571,706
Templemead Elementary SchoolElementaryPublic2.63$ 409,006
Viscount Montgomery Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.50$ 378,990
W H Ballard Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.17$ 296,384
Westview Middle SchoolElementaryPublic2.69$ 416,511
Westwood Junior Public SchoolElementaryPublic2.32$ 416,511
Winona Elementary Elementary SchoolElementaryPublicn/a$ 609,934
Yorkview SchoolElementaryPublic3.06$ 525,258
Ancaster High SchoolSecondaryPublic2.55$ 701,998
Bishop Ryan Catholic Secondary SchoolSecondaryCatholic2.60$ 434,168
Bishop Tonnos Catholic Secondary SchoolSecondaryCatholic3.00$ 651,259
Cardinal Newman Catholic Secondary SchoolSecondaryCatholic2.85$ 478,433
Cathedral High SchoolSecondaryCatholic2.35$ 366,525
Delta Secondary SchoolSecondaryPublic2.40$ 382,352
Glendale Secondary SchoolSecondaryPublic2.45$ 374,034
Orchard Park Secondary SchoolSecondaryPublic2.85$ 484,128
Saltfleet High SchoolSecondaryPublic2.45$ 542,592
Sherwood Secondary SchoolSecondaryPublic2.40$ 436,988
Sir Allan MacNab Secondary SchoolSecondaryPublic2.50$ 484,613
Sir John A Macdonald Secondary SchoolSecondaryPublic2.15$ 366,520
Sir Winston Churchill Secondary SchoolSecondaryPublic2.00$ 368,063
St Jean de Brebeuf Secondary SchoolSecondaryCatholic2.60$ 442,524
St Marys Separate SchoolSecondaryCatholic2.75$ 557,685
St Thomas More Catholic Secondary SchoolSecondaryCatholic2.65$ 478,736
Waterdown District High SchoolSecondaryPublic2.85$ 698,321
Westdale Secondary SchoolSecondaryPublic2.65$ 454,901

To view all Hamilton properties for sale by school boundary, visit our Hamilton real estate listings page, click on “View all listings on map” and then click the “graduation cap” icon on the map.

Penelope Graham

Penelope Graham

Penelope Graham is the Managing Editor at Zoocasa, and has over a decade of experience covering real estate, mortgage, and personal finance topics. Her commentary on the housing market is frequently featured on both national and local media outlets including BNN Bloomberg, CBC, The Toronto Star, National Post, and The Huffington Post. When not keeping an eye on Toronto's hot housing market, she can be found brunching in one of the city's many vibrant neighbourhoods, travelling abroad, or in the dance studio.

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