Am I able to be pre-approved for a mortgage if I am just starting with a new company?

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“Am I able to be pre-approved for a mortgage if I am just starting with a new company?”

This week’s featured Answer:

A pre-approval for a mortgage is not an approval or guarantee of a mortgage. A pre-approval just gives you a general idea of how much of a mortgage you could qualify for based on your stated income and credit.

Once you find a property and have a conditional offer on it, that’s when you can apply to qualify for a mortgage and will have to supply the Lender with all your particulars; such as proof of down payment, employment and income verification and they do a credit check which will show your payment history and all outstanding debts.

You usually have to be past the probationary period of your new employment, and have a steady employment history. The amount of your down payment, your outstanding debts, and your credit rating weighs heavily in them making an exception to the probationary period. A larger down payment means a lower Loan to Value ratio, thus lower risk, as does a stellar credit history. It’s all about Lenders minimizing risk.

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