5 Tips for an Open House

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by Rogers

So your agent suggests holding an open house. Should you?

Open houses are traditionally the best marketing tool for selling your home but that doesn’t mean that every seller should agree to an open house. If you feel that your home is show-worthy, here are 5 tips on holding a successful open house:

1. Pick the right date: Make sure your chosen date doesn’t conflict with a holiday or a special event, as it could put a damper on the turnout.

2. De-clutter: Concentrate on visible areas first, such as kitchen counters and bathroom vanities. Then move to bedroom closets, desktops and family rooms. Also, consider moving larger furniture pieces into storage to open up your living space and make it more appealing.

3. Keep it clean and fresh: Make sure everything in your home is cleaned, polished, and dusted. A home that looks well-kept will create a favorable impression. Also, open the windows for some fresh, clean air. If you have pets, consider boarding them until the home is sold to remove smells for the duration of the listing.

4. Lighten up: Consider turning on all the lights in your home. A well-lit, bright home feels warmer and more inviting.

5. Spread the word: Tell your friends and neighbours; it never hurts to promote your own open house.

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