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It’s almost here — moving day! We’ve got lots of helpful advice that can make this potentially stressful day go smoothly, so the only thing to get excited about is how much you love your new home. Check out our Moving Tips Centre for efficiency-boosting checklists and expert tips to help ensure every detail is covered.

  • Are You a Moving Target?

    Are You a Moving Target?

    Damaged heirlooms, stolen goods, movers who refuse to unload the truck unless they’re given extra cash on the spot. These ...

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  • Moving Checklist

    Moving Checklist

    Moving Day is an exciting day but it can also be a very stressful time. It’s always a good idea ...

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  • Open house: Deciding between the nosey neighbour and the ideal marketing tool

    Open house: Deciding between the nosey neighbour and the ideal marketing tool

    It’s spring. You’re going to sell your home and you want to get the best price. So you’re agent suggests holding an open ...

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  • Moving Out of Province

    Moving Out of Province

    Wow you’re getting ready to make a cross-country move to a new province? Even if you’ve hired the services of a re-location ...

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  • Packing Tips

    Packing Tips

    So you’ve decided to save money on not hiring professional packers. Why not? How hard could it be? But whether ...

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  • Renovate or Relocate?

    Renovate or Relocate?

    There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when he needs to upgrade. Starter homes aren’t meant for long-term living ...

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  • Moving to a Condo

    Moving to a Condo

    Whatever the reason you’ve chosen the condo-life style (hurrah for the party room, pool and gym!) there are things to ...

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  • Moving to a Larger House

    Moving to a Larger House

    Finally fulfilling your dreams of that gorgeous master bedroom with en suite bathroom, future summer backyard barbecues, bountiful gardens plus so much more? ...

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