When is a good time of year to list a home?

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Q & A of the week: When is a good time of year to list a home? 

This week’s featured Answer from the Ask the Pros section:

“There are many factors that determine the right time to sell. If you have the luxury of deciding when it is right for you, you will always max out on your investment when there is a lack of inventory/competition.

Buyers and sellers enter and leave the marketplace every day. Typically, if you are dealing with family housing, the peak is February to June. Investors, singles, professional couples, first-time buyers and empty nesters are usually looking for just the right “one” to meet their needs and are not buying around the school calendar.

Other factors that need to be taken into account are: pending mortgage and tax changes, local real estate market conditions and the economy at large.

Hire a trustworthy, professional realtor that will be able to assist you and educate you so you can determine timing and strategy.”

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