What’s your favorite neighbourhood?

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We think about a lot of stuff here at Zoocasa.

Important stuff like Flying Cars, Yoohoo Chocolate Beverages, Is there a house in the world cooler than Penn Jillette’s home in Vegas, and of course we think a lot about neighbourhoods.

We chat so much about neighbourhoods that we are pretty much experts on the subject…but like all experts we still want to hear from you, and that got us thinking that we should have a contest!
So without any further polite chit chat….we are pretty crazy excited to announce our “WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE NEIGHBOURHOOD? Contest!
The rules are pretty simple. Make a cool video talking about your favorite neighbourhood and upload it (or as many as you want to make) to our very snazzy and official contest site and the best ones will win some cool prizes…prizes like stuff from Zoocasa.com and Zipcar!
This is our first contest and it would be embarrassing if no one entered so please go make a video before the cut off date of July 23rd.
…oh and if you are wondering what these videos could look like we made on for you!

Please enter…and enter often right here —–> http://zoocasa.strutta.com

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