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Sharing is one of the most important lessons a child can learn. It seems like every generation has had a different “ignitor” of this quality. Countless numbers of kids learned sharing from Barney the Dinosaur and before Barney there was everyone’s favorite Care Bear, ShareBear.

Personally, I am a few generations older than the Barney crowd but I clearly remember learning to share from someone just as tall as Barney…you see my sharing influence was Mean Joe Green of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I guess the point we are trying to make in this post is that life lessons can come from anywhere and we are hoping that a whole generation of children will learn to share from our website because Zoocasa.com now allows you to share homes that you find on our site with your friends and family through Facebook and Twitter!

Basically, when you find a house you want to share you quite simply click on “share” (just under the agent photo) and from there you select exactly where you want to share this home listing.
There are a bunch of reasons to share this stuff but my favorite is to recruit friends to come with me to look at houses.

Once I fill in my comments I am one click away from sharing this listing and following in the footsteps of all those great “sharers” who came before me.

So please take this as an invitation to be apart of a sharing movement so that you will be able to say proudly “With Zoocasa I taught a new generation to share”

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