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Have you ever noticed that things happen for a reason? I knew I needed to write a blog post about the Zoocasa launch since we did it this past Tuesday but had been struggling with what I wanted to say since even I think we are talking about ourselves a lot (not too much but still a lot) and it wasnt till last night sitting on my couch watching of all things the Steve Martin Classic “The Jerk” that is hit me.

I am going to talk about my…or in this case Zoocasa’s “special purpose”

For those familiar with the film, Steve Martin’s special purpose was his man parts but that is a subject for an entirely different kinda blog.
Staying on topic I should tell you all that this week, we formally “launched” Zoocasa in the media and to make the day memorable (and unusual) we planned an entire day of stuff with the hopes of touching as many people with what we are about as possible.
The interesting thing is that all the stuff we planned was people facing and about creating an experience for people in the real world.

This is the thing I am most proud of because I see creating experiences as our “special purpose” at Zoocasa and even more than our site (…and our site is pretty good) this is the thing that I am proud of because a lot of online companies make zero effort to meet and spend time with the people who actually use their service. I on the other hand am not going to be happy till we meet so many people that our site becomes “powered by those people” and the vision and future plans of Zoocasa are shaped by the conversations that come from our outreach.
So by now I am assuming you are wondering exactly what we did 🙂
Our day started very early…5am in fact as we were fortunaate enough to b a guest on BT, that is Breakfast Television for those not in the know.

Breakfast Television – August 25th, 2009 Saul Colt & Zoocasa from saulcolt on Vimeo.

From BT we held a Media Conference at the Rogers Centre where we announced our “arrival” to the Real Estate Search scene, but before we did we showed the now (can we call it famous?…infamous?) “Hey! Zoocasa is selling the Rogers Centre” Video on the Scoreboard at the stadium…and if I may editorialize for a minute…that was a huge thrill.

….and we closed the day of with a little get together where we entertained 60 Realtors to an “Agent Open House” at the Rogers Centre that consisted of a small tour that ended up on the field during Batting Practice followed by watching the game in a private box.

So to bring this back to the original statement we learned a great deal from our exciting launch day and that is simply that more than anything we are in the experience business and it took Steve Martin kissing Burnadette Peters for us to realize it fully.

Oh ya, we had made some serious changes to our site so if you haven’t been to in a while I invite you to check it out now and please let us know what you think!

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