Inspiration can come from anywhere. Here is why we have a new Zoocasa iPhone app!

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In a recent(ish) survey by it was discovered that 75 percent of people feel it is perfectly appropriate to use Internet-enabled smart phones in the bathroom. Taking that to heart, and knowing that there are 30+ million people in Canada who possibly are looking for a home, and with 75% regularly using the internet in the the bathroom we saw this an an opportunity to attract over 20+ million possible new people to Zoocasa by making our Zoocasa iPhone application way better than it was before.

So that is what we did!

The completely new Zoocasa iPhone app (rebuilt from the ground up and available now in the iTunes Store) is fully featured and gives you the power to explore like never before, all with one hand.

With this version of the app you can find the closest homes to where you are standing by using the built in iPhone GPS or you can jump from city to city or neighbourhood to neighbourhood.

Dare we say that with this app is one of the best ways to quickly check what new properties are available in your key areas. (I tired very hard not to use the word “areas” in the bathroom analogy section of this post but couldn’t avoid it there) By setting up quick search filters you can narrow down your search in seconds and the app will keep your history to you can show others what you found.

Bathroom, Bed or Bus, How you use our app is really up to you. All we ask is that you give it a quick try and please let us know how you like it. We read all the reviews on iTunes and are even planning an amazing contest around them so watch this space for news on that but for now please give our app a whirl and if you happen to be part of the 75% that read the internet in the lavatory, we say thank you and welcome to the club.

To get your own copy of the Zoocasa iPhone app or to update the one you have please go to the iTunes Store and search “Zoocasa” or just follow this link

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