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by Christina Mogk, MeCC Interiors

The housing market seems to heat up every spring as a flood of re-sale homes become available for purchase. If you’re considering listing your home this spring, here are some things to consider and take care of before you have a real estate agent come in to provide a valuation for your home.

Move-In Ready

Most new home buyers want a home that is move-in ready. Ensure that it looks clean, bright, and well cared for. If the paint is bubbling or yellowing, or wallpaper on an accent wall is peeling, make the repairs in advance. Clean or re-paint the baseboards and casings to eliminate wear marks. The minimal investment will be well worth it!


Keep it Neutral

One of the most important things to remember about staging a property is that you are not creating a space you want to live in, but one others can envision living in. This may mean your home feels less like home to you for the duration of your stay. Remove the travel photos and personal collections on display. Evaluate the paint finishes. The space doesn’t need to become void of personality, but it shouldn’t scream “Sam’s house!!” to everyone who walks through the door.

Refresh and Renew

Unless you are in the process of completing a renovation project or the current space is in utter disrepair, do not take on a full renovation. For example, paint the kitchen cabinets or replace the doors if they look weathered rather than installing a brand new kitchen. Replace dripping faucets with something more current and water-efficient. Put bright white bulbs in lights. Again, bring things up to date and make everything bright and clean. Save the major renovation money for your new home, if desired.

Get Help

If you feel overwhelmed or uncertain where to begin, consider calling in a professional for an hour or two. A decorator or stager, or perhaps even your real estate agent, will be able to compile a list of tasks for you to complete to increase the visual appeal of your home. Small cosmetic changes add up to make a great first impression of your home. You can then tackle the list as time permits. Or ask for the name of a professional or two that could complete the work for you.

About the Contributor

Christina, design lead and project manager of MeCC Interiors, is a proud winner of two (2) Canadian Decorators’ Association (CDECA) 2009 Awards for Design and Decorating.

MeCC Interiors is an award winning full service design studio specializing in residential design, commercial redesign, and project management.

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