Shipping and Handling: Winnipeg’s First Shipping Container Condo

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The well-established mindset of ecologically and environmentally friendly consumption has permeated all aspects of modern Canadian living. You cannot pass a grocery store without seeing “green” label products or see a commercial on television about a car that has a lower carbon footprint. As much as we are bombarded with “green” messaging, the idea of living green never really extended to the type of habitation we choose to live in.

Stacked Shipping Containers (from MeCC Interiors)

A guest post on our blog titled Recycled Shipping Containers as Buildings by MeCC Interiors outlines the reasons for why shipping containers can be utilized for building materials for habitation. In addition to the fact that they are eco-friendly, they are cheap and readily available, come in standard sizing, are already designed to be durable and water-tight and pair well with shipping pallets for added architectural and design elements.

Given all these benefits, one would think that this idea would have already been actualized in the real world. This is inching towards becoming a reality for Winnipeg where an 18-unit shipping container condo complex has been given the go ahead by Winnipeg’s City Centre community committee, as outlined by Barry Horeczy of Property Biz Canada.

Shipping Container Condo Concept (from Property Biz Canada)

To be situated at 956 Notre Dame Ave, Winnipeg condo specialist Bill Thiessen says that the project can succeed and that Winnipeg has shown a real apetite for unique architecture. He goes on to mention that the project is given added credibility by noted Winnipeg architect David Penner.

Would you live in a shipping container condo?

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