Renovate Your Home or Sell It As Is?

by David Ursino

Vaughan real estate agent David Ursino video blogs about deciding on whether to renovate a home or sell it as is.

  • Get a pre-inspection done to begin with. Take care of any major concerns (i.e leaky basements, old roof, etc) with the home before aesthetic decisions
  • Consider costs of renovations and weigh them against the intended returns
  • Keep in mind that decisions on renovating must be balanced against current real estate market conditions. It’s impossible to forecast what the market will do in a few months (yes I’ve seen the forecasts too…I’ve often seen them go wrong as well)
  • Sometimes there’s a bit of a risk involved, but the payoff may be very well worth it as long as the risk is well managed

About the Contributor

Vaughan real estate agent David Ursino brings a novel approach to real estate in Vaughan. Through over 10 years of successful sales and marketing experience, David understands the value of building great relationships with customers. He is dedicated to delivering the highest level of service and brings his passion to each and every real estate transaction. Being Vaughan’s first real estate video blogger, David knows what it takes to succeed in today’s online market. He specializes in the Woodbridge, Maple, Kleinburg and Thornhill areas. Learn more about Vaughan real estate agent David Ursino.

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