New City Checklist: 7 Things You Need to Do After Your First Big Move

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You got it done. You downsized, you packed it all up, you arranged for transportation, you got help to unload, and your new residence, perhaps a small Bloomington apartment, is set up. Now there are seven important things you need to do ASAP, however, so check out this list:

Find All of the Utility Cut-offs

There’s nothing worse than finding a sudden and serious plumbing leak and not having a clue where to shut off the water supply. When you first arrive at your new place, locate the gas/propane on-off switch, the main circuit breaker box, the water shut-off and, of course, the cable/Internet connection. Knowing where these key mechanicals are located is your number one job after moving in.

Next, compile the customer service numbers for all of your utilities so that you can quickly report a problem or an outage.

Install Home Security 

Smart security systems are preferred, but even an old-school system that notifies a central call center is better than nothing. Remember, you don’t know who previously lived in your apartment or whether they know how to defeat a simple door locking system to gain entrance. You also don’t know your neighbours yet, so you need to be proactive and set up security right away.

Update Your Address Information

You probably did this before you left, but if not, take care of it now. You can update your address online, or you can go to the local post office to do it. You want to be sure that any mail sent to your previous residence is forwarded to your new location. Don’t think that this happens automatically, and if you rely on the mail or credit card bills, you don’t want any late payments because you didn’t get a recent statement. 

Register Your Car/ Get a New Driver’s License 

While many municipalities give you ample time to get a new license and to register your car in your new province, you can face tickets and/or fines if you don’t do this within the prescribed time limits. Even if you have six months do get this done, that time can go by quickly, so don’t delay. Usually this requires a trip to the local DMV, so be prepared to go early or possibly face a long wait in line. 

Register to Vote

Regardless of your political affiliation, during these tumultuous political times it’s important that you understand what you will need to do to register to vote. While in your home province and city you possibly could register at a polling place, your new location may have much stricter requirements. This ties in with your new driver’s license as that may be the key identification piece you will need to complete the registration process.

Transfer All Medical Records

The day is coming when all of your medical information will be accessible on your phone, and some apps already exist that can help with this. Unfortunately, this system is not totally built yet, so be sure to transfer your records from your old health care providers to your new ones. This can help you avoid unnecessary tests and duplicate dental x-rays, for example.

Moving is the hard part, especially if you’ve had a difficult time finding a place — maybe you even bought using a contract for deed— and that’s done! Just don’t stop now, however, and work hard to tie up the loose ends we’ve mentioned above.