Renting a Home

Ontario Government to Roll Back Rent Control

Ontario Government to Roll Back Rent Control as Part of New Housing Strategy

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How effective are rent controls

How Effective are Rent Controls?

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Should You Rent-to-Own

Is Rent-to-Own the Best Option for You?

Prices in the housing market are continuing to skyrocket and qualifying for a mortgage seems like a pipe-dream, prompting many… Read More »

Finding a rental in Toronto or Vancouver

Essential Tips for Finding a Rental in Toronto or Vancouver

By: Haley Fairclough So, you’re looking for a rental in Toronto or Vancouver and you feel like everything is working… Read More »

How to make your rental apartment legal

5 Steps: How to Make Your Rental Apartment Legal

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Paying too much for rent

1.7 Million Canadians Paying Too Much for Rent: Report

Rental affordability – or the lack thereof – has been a greatly scrutinized issue as of late, with vacancy rates… Read More »

rental prices rising

Why Toronto Condo Rental Rates Are on the Rise

The Toronto Real Estate market was relatively mixed throughout 2017, with the first six months experiencing skyrocketing year-over-year price increases… Read More »

New standard lease in Ontario

What Tenants Need to Know About the New Standard Lease in Ontario

Ontario is taking steps to protect renters’ rights with the introduction of a standardized lease on April 30, 2018. Previously,… Read More »

A cold weather checklist for landlords

A Cold Weather Checklist for Landlords

Being a first time landlord can be much more work than anticipated, particularly once the weather turns cold. There are… Read More »

National Rents on the Rise

INFOGRAPHIC: National Rents on the Rise in 2017

It’s no secret that Canada’s hottest rental markets have become less affordable – but just how much does it cost… Read More »