New Build/Move-in Ready versus the Fixer-Upper: Part 2

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You’ve started your home search and are trying to decide if you should focus on a home that will be built to suit or needs or has already been built, rather than looking at fixer-uppers. Yesterday we looked at the good points in purchasing a fixer-upper with the major downside being the extra work involved in getting that home ready to suit one’s taste. However, if you are not into the hassles of renovating the home, you may want to keep your home search strictly to a “turnkey” home.

Although having an “Agrestic” type “cookie-cutter house or a box-in-the-sky condo may not be very appealing to some people, others prefer moving into a brand new home (despite the possible higher cost vs. an older property or one that requires repairs) or simply enjoy the idea of the convenience aspects that they offer. Consider the upsides to purchasing a ready to move in home:

  • A new build or recently renovated home may perfectly suit your needs and be “move-in” ready
  • New homes or a recently renovated home may have been outfitted with “greener” updates meaning better energy efficiency and lower expenses on heating and fuel
  • Buying a new build allows you to select exactly the appliances and finishes so you get what you want essentially
  • A new home or a recently renovated one affords you the convenience of moving into a home that you won’t have to worry about upgrading or making repairs until much later down the line

What does your dream home look like and where is it situated? Keep in mind that your budget should match both. Although a new home or one that has been recently renovated may come with a higher price tag, if you weigh the work involved and added costs of a fixer-upper you may just realize which type you can truly afford. Once you have a stick-with-it budget, make your wish list and get as much info you can on your options. Remember, an informed choice is the usually the right choice.

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