I’m house broke! Should I approach my lender and ask to get out of a mortgage?

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“I’m ‘house-broke’! Should I approach my lender and ask to get out of a mortgage, and take on a motgage with a longer amortization? Even if there are penalties…” 

This week’s featured answer:

Check to see if your mortgage, if it is insured, is with Genworth. They actually work with a client to try to get them through a rough patch. They do not want you to default as it costs them money. Talk to your lender to see what options are available. If things are really hopeless there is a refinance available where the company buys your house and you lease it from them for a couple of years and then buy it back. The upfront cash pays off your debts and you rebuild your credit over the next couple of years. It is not the best option but you keep your house.

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