How Do I Keep My House Staged?

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Hello Again, Last time I explained what the first steps are after you have decided to stage your house. Here are a few items as a reminder to consider when hiring a Stager:

  • You are going to want to do some research to make sure that you are working with a qualified stager, someone professionally trained in the area of staging. Remember, staging isn’t just decorating and de-cluttering, so it’s important to ensure that the person you are working with understands real estate, the basics of home renovations and where you will see the best return on your investment when preparing your home for sale. Be sure to ask for photos of their previous work as well as references.


  • Once you have decided on who you would like to work with, schedule a consultation. My consultations take approximately 2 hours. We discuss your timeline, your goals and your budget. After doing a thorough walk through of the property, you will receive a detailed list of items that need to be addressed prior to staging. I will then put together 2 to 3 quotes for staging that address all necessary items and keeps in line with your goals and budget.

Ok, so now your house is staged and looks awesome! How on earth do you keep up the look of a model home and live in it at the same time??? Well, I have to say that the best part about staging is that it can help you sell your house much faster than had it not been staged. Therefore, you may not need to keep up this look for long at all. But in the meantime while you do have people coming to view your property (and hopefully there are LOTS), here are couple of tips to help you out.  

Daily tasks: open all blinds, tuck away any dirty laundry (no one and I mean NO ONE wants to see dirty laundry at your house if they are considering buying it) and make sure that there are no dirty dishes in the sink. Every couple of days: general tidy (picking up any odds and ends that may be starting to accumulate).  

Weekly tasks: dust, sweep and vacuum.

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Christina Thurston

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When staging with me, I provide you with many more tips and loads of hints as to how to you can keep the model look! In addition to this, I also provide you with tips for preparing to move. Moving can be a lot of work and at times very stressful, so keeping organized is absolutely key.

For more information about what The Staging Group can do for you, please visit us at or email me at [email protected]. You can also follow The Staging Group on twitter @thestaginggroup or on Facebook.

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