Haven’t booked your summer cottage yet? It may be too late!

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Even though spring still feels quite far away, let alone summer, you should actually be looking ahead to where you’ll be spending your free time in the months of June to August. Despite forecasts that most of Canada will be experiencing cold temperatures for a while yet, cottages are already being booked up.

Enter CottageCountry.com.

CottageCountry.com is a one stop resource for your vacation planning. Not only can you find all available types of vacation stays across Canada – from hotels and resorts to various types of vacation rentals by region but you can get tons of info to help with all aspects of planning. The site offers informative regional and other articles and detailed listings info that also includes: points of interests, amenities, activities as well consumer reviews – the whole kit and kaboodle in helpful vacation planning tools.

The easy to use search type and region tool makes finding the perfect spot so convenient and actually, you can use CottageCountry.com year round – find winter ski chalets and resorts too – there’s still time before you have to put the skiis and snow boards back in to storage!

What are you doing this weekend?

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