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I am so very excited to be the Contributing Editor of the official Zoocasa Blog!

This will be a sweet journey to a new real estate vision that will very much be a part of our real estate marketing and promotion strategies in the very near future. Let me explain… Well, I never asked but Sandip Dagli, Director of Client Relations & Product Development at Zoocasa, specifically of Zoopraisal, which is a ROGERS owned company, clarifies in a some of his Facebook posts and personal conversations that I have used as the direction in today’s first BLOG!

“Zoocasa aims to deliver innovative tools to Canadian consumers to search and research real estate in Canada. We invest in developing technology that appeals to the consumer and attract lots of them to our web site. In doing so, we present and market (partial) listings by Real Estate Sales Representatives, by giving them more exposure to their product and to themselves at no cost” he says.

“We also create a directory page for every Sales Rep if they wish to have one. All your listings and your directory page and answers you post to customers (Ask the Pros) are SEO friendly. All of this at no cost. You can, if you so wish, use Zoocasa’s tools and never pay a dime. Of course, we hope, that along the way you see value in advertising to over 5000,000 visitors a month and will buy ads. But you don’t have to. Zoopraisal is another such consumer-friendly tool they love to use. We know that now, due to sheer numbers. We intend that these potential customers who are performing Zoopraisals will ultimately connect with a ‘Licensed Sales Rep’ because we present them on the Zoopraisal page itself. You can advertise your Brand, your Business, your Contact details. The consumer will see the realtors here always.

Regarding Zoopraisal, he says “The ZOOPRAISAL TOOL is not intended to replace or ‘bypass’ the professional realtor – just how can a web site ever do that is beyond me. Like I said, there’s no smoke and mirrors here, it is what it is. You use Zoocasa if you believe that’s where you might get your next buyer or seller from. You advertise on the site if it fits your marketing plan. You use it if you want your Web Site to be connected with the 800-pound guerrilla i.e. Google. We act as a conduit that brings random people who search on Search Engines onto your web site that they did otherwise did not know about. Like I said, we continue to move onwards and upwards. Today (let alone the future), companies and services that give consumers the choice are the ones succeeding” concludes Sandip sounding very passionate and confident.

Thank you Sandip for that!

Communication with a positive spin is all we, as industry professionals want to hear and demand. There is no need for slander; neither of companies nor of people, especially when you are so uneducated and unclear about the thought process of a system that has been created to benefit the wants, needs and demands of the consumer.

If you think about it for a moment, the value is this – ZOOCASA has between 400,000 to 520,000 visitors per month compared to other publications or Internet sites that we have tested and currently use with traffic of 20,000 or more per month. I will not name the other sites, as it is not my style… I have more class than that! Having sales, marketing, promotions & social media background I now can see where the VALUE is, it is in the press. Since joining the ZOOCASA system this week, we have already had our first lead generated through our ad, although from a Mortgage Broker we are taking the connection to the next level, and are meeting to exchange business cards and hopefully I can get an approved buyer or seller from them! 🙂 An ad turned lead turned opportunity turned meeting face to face… LUV IT! The reason why I personally view it as an opportunity or a lead generation steam is because I see it through the eyes of the consumer, in fact I am acting as the consumer. As a consumer of many different products or services, I demand value, choice, brand and most importantly results. It is up to me what I choose as the consumer. Whomever can provide these to me, I will always listen and give a chance to. I am not looking at my own personal gain here. A ZOOPRAISAL is no different than another opportunity or choice for the consumer.

So isn’t that what it is all about? Isn’t that what the value of our industry is all about? OPPORTUNITIES? Of course it is. The best is when one can turn an opportunity into a result! Challenging the systems about 10% of the agent population is about. After interviewing 100 agents, that is right…90% were impressed with the ZOOCASA sight, it’s opportunities and it’s ability to create and we at www.waynemunden.com see much OPPORTUNITY in creating awareness for our brand and the ever changing needs of the consumer. Opportunities come from many different lead generation systems and strategies and ZOOCASA is just one option of 1000s that are shared with us on a daily basis. Unless we truly try the system we will never really know how effective or non-effective it is. Therefore, until then, as true industry professionals, we can never be too quick to pass judgement on a new system just to cause havoc or bring traffic to your own personal sites, it only does one more harm than good on YOU. 😉 But thank you so much for helping ZOOCASA create awareness for their brand! The BUZZ most definitely worked! 😉

Now let me ask you a question…since the HOOPLA all began with the INTRODUCTION of ZOOPRAISAL on the web to the consumer…followed by a few silly uneducated BLOGS…Here is the scenario…I am competing with you on a LISTING APPOINTMENT. I appraise the home at $619,900 and you appriase the home at $699,900. SAME HOME, SAME SELLERS…however we have done our research as industry professionals and present the facts to the Sellers. Or vice versa, we appraise the home with all the facts at $699,900 and you appraise the home at $619,900. How is it any different than a ZOOPRAISAL? The customer is always going to resource to the PROFESSIONAL in their niche market for the correct market evaluation & guidance. Now, stop barking up the wrong tree, get on with your jobs and leave the opportunities to those who see VALUE! I may not sell real estate at www.waynemunden.com but I DRIVE A BRAND using SYSTEMS & STRATEGIES I SEE the CONSUMERS DEMANDING! Just my thought for this crazy busy day!



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