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Introducing an ongoing series of the best questions and answers compiled from Zoocasa’s Ask the Pros section.

Q: Why are agents paid so much in commissions? They don’t do much, and make a killing.

A: Much of what we do as Real Estate Salespeople is “behind the scenes”. We place ads in newspapers that are expensive. We place Ads in colour magazines. We hold “Errors and Omissions” Insurance so in the unlikely event a mistake occurs – you are protected. In Ontario we have the best Real Estate training in Canada – even companies from Europe acknowledge our professional training as the best.

Also – it’s important to remember that we don’t get paid if your house doesn’t sell. So there can be a large amount of risk in our business.

Remember the old saying – “you get what you pay for” – I would always recommend that you use a Real Estate professional, because as a member of the public – “you don’t know what you don’t know”. Why would you take a risk with your (probably) most valuable asset….?

Would you try to hire the cheapest brain surgeon or dentist, or even try to “do it yourself”? I don’t think so …

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