Do you use rain water to your advantage?

by RBC Insurance

Homeowners may be surprised to learn that installing rain barrels not only helps reduce your water bill, but can also reduce the amount of water taxing our sewage systems, while also helping prevent water from backing up into basements.

A rain barrel can be easily installed and requires minimal maintenance to keep it working efficiently. Here are some considerations when installing your rain barrel:

  • Choose a barrel large enough to hold most of the rain that comes off your roof. You may have to buy one for each downspout or connect more than one together.
  •  Install the barrel on a strong, level surface that can sustain a lot of weight. Placing the barrel on a patio or paving stone is ideal.
  • Install a small pump to your rain barrel so that it can be used to supply rainwater to a garden hose. The water collected after a storm can then be used in your yard. Once your rain barrel is installed, empty it regularly onto your lawn or garden to ensure it’s not full during a rainfall.

Tip: Managing heavy rains

An overfull barrel has the potential to cause erosion around your home, so always have an overflow spigot on the side, near the top.

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