Discovering Neighbourhood Gems: The Toronto Cricket Club

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You’re thinking about what kind of condo, house, size, style, price etc. of course when planning to buy a home, but there are other factors to think about. Your lifestyle needs outside of the home are very important considerations when looking to purchase a home because we don’t just live in our home – we live in our neighbourhood and community. Home buyers often visit Zoocasa to see more than just what properties are for sale – they come to learn about the neighbourhoods and communities of the listings. Demographics, historical info, walkscore and more – home buyers want to see what the area can offer themselves and/or their families. It is essential to understand what a neighbourhood provides: from schools and shops, to recreational clubs.

Discovering a neighbourhood gem can be exciting and The Toronto Cricket Club is one such community hub. Within a lovely “park-like” setting, the historical club offers a large variety of member activities both social and athletic. As the club brochure describes, this family-oriented recreational establishment has been a long time neighbourhood tradition:

The history of Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club dates back to 1827, when The Toronto Cricket Club was founded. The Toronto Curling Club was organized in 1836, and The Toronto Skating Club sometime in the mid eighteen hundreds. In 1957 these three clubs amalgamated, and have now evolved into the successful family Club we are today.

About ten years ago, the club’s focus became geared even more so towards families and $25 million was invested in renovations to improve its facilities. The club offers a wide range of programs – it’s not just for cricket! Member activities include: squash, tennis, swimming, lawn bowling, croquet, skating and curling. As well, there is a fitness centre. Whether a beginner or at a more advanced skill level, all are accommodated – from children to adults, and even professional athletes (Olympic athletes do train at The Toronto Cricket Club), the facilities provide for all athletic levels. Three restaurants, a large outdoor patio and many organized social events, completes the “experience” at the “Cricket”.

About two thirds of the clubs’ members live within walking distance and many of them consider it to be like a second home or even a “vacation-home alternative” due to it’s lush setting in the summer and use it in place of a summer cottage. The Toronto Cricket Club provides a true community atmosphere and aims to remain a neighbourhood institution in the years to come. So for those who are thinking of moving to, Toronto, or are in particular considering the Avenue Road and Wilson Road area, knowing that the Toronto Cricket Club is a neighbourhood feature could actually be helpful in narrowing the home search.

The excitement of buying a new home includes getting to know your new community, such as discovering your new favorite haunts. But it is also very useful to assess your lifestyle needs before you start looking at homes and research about what is available in the potential areas of consideration.

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