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2017 real estate predictions

The Top Six 2017 Real Estate Predictions

While Canada’s housing market has long been a hot newsmaker, 2016 was especially tumultuous, chock full of surprises for markets, affordability,… Read More »

2016 real estate headlines

INFOGRAPHIC: Game Changers – A Look at 2016 Real Estate

It has been a truly busy year for the Canadian housing market – and depending on your home province, real estate… Read More »

Buying a Home in the Suburbs

4 Tips for Buying a Home in the Suburbs

With the average selling price of homes in Toronto now $776,684, the idea of buying in the city is becoming… Read More »

Up and coming Toronto neighbourhoods

Top 3 Up and Coming Toronto Neighbourhoods

The urban boom is alive and well in Toronto real estate, and many neighbourhoods that have always been considered up… Read More »

Hamilton real estate

Hamilton Real Estate to Be Hottest Market in 2017: Re/Max

What city is poised for the busiest real estate activity in 2017? If you guessed Toronto or Vancouver, you’d be… Read More »

Top Toronto neighbourhoods for townhouses

Top 5 Toronto Neighbourhoods for Townhouses

With the price of detached homes up 18.3% in Toronto (an average of $1.2 million), many homebuyers are lowering their… Read More »

Tips for selling your townhouse

3 Tips for Selling Your Townhouse

As any quick glance at recent news will prove, we’re living in a time of great change. That doesn’t seem… Read More »

Should you buy an older condo?

4 Benefits of Buying an Older Condo

On the market for a condo? Homebuyers, especially in the hot Vancouver and Toronto real estate markets, are increasingly looking… Read More »

How to win a rental bidding war

How to Win a Rental Bidding War

If you’re a renter who has been in search of a new apartment anytime in the last year, you know… Read More »

Are Toronto townhouses a good investment?

Are Toronto Townhouses a Good Investment?

The latest data from Greater Toronto Area REALTORS reveals that housing resales for the month of September was up 21.5%… Read More »