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Another year is coming to an end, and quite an eventful year in regards to real estate! From new condo developments to mortgage rate changes, Zoocasa has kept a watchful eye on the happenings in Canadian real estate and have continued to be a premier resource in connecting home buyers and real estate professionals.

The following is a compilation of Zoocasa’s Best of 2012: A list of our favourite blog posts from this past year. We hope that these articles were useful to you in each of the months that they were featured as well as going forward into 2013.

January: How to Get your Dream Home – 10 Tips 

Is the search for your dream home getting to be a lot more than difficult than you expected? Maybe you figured it would just be a matter of time before you came up the perfect setting that you’ve always envisioned. It’s got to be out there right? Well, yes, if you can keep an open mind. Here are some practical ways of conducting your home search. Click here to read more.

February: Best money-saving mortgage tips

Has the recent correction in the incredibly low fixed-rate mortgages that some major banks were offering got you thinking that you missed your chance? Mortgages in Canada are still at record lows so if you are thinking about jumping into home ownership, or have a current mortgage term coming to an end that will soon be up for renewal, the following mortgage tips can offer helpful info in your decision-making process, and some money-saving advice when it comes to getting or renewing a mortgage. Click here to read more.
March: Moving Day
By Heather Rovet

Moving day is here and you are beginning a new chapter in your life and putting roots down in a new home. You’ve been dreaming about the new space, envisioning what furniture will go where and what colour to paint the living room. Click here to read more.

April: The Condo Quickie
By Heather Rovet

All around my neighbourhood there are flyers which show a beautifully designed room and simply say “The Condo Quickie”. Intrigued I looked this up online and have to say, “The Condo Quickie” is pretty genius. Click here to read more.

May: Hiring and agent? Ten questions to ask when planning to sell

1. How long has the agent worked in residential real estate sales and does he/she sell full time? Click here to read more.

June: Faster ways to save for a down payment

You’re ready to take the next big life step and want to buy a home. But how much money do you really need for a down payment? 5 per cent is the minimum down payment one can make – however, mortgage insurance is required if you make less than a 20 per cent payment. Click here to read more.

July: Increase Home Value with Curb Appeal

Whenever I’m on vacation in a different city – or country for that matter, I love checking out other peoples’ homes for inspiration. Home beautification can be considered a hobby as well as a great way to increase your property value. Click here to read more.

August: Smarter Ways to Finance Home Renovations
by Farhaneh Haque

In my August 9th Blog, Fixer Upper or Move In Ready, we weighed the pro and cons of each: buying a property which requires work or finding your dream home with all the fits and finishes you like and can see! As a follow up, this week’s blog will dive deeper into the Fixer upper and explore financing options for a home renovation. Click here to read more.

September: How to pay off your mortgage faster

To paraphrase the Wealthy Barber, “A dollar saved is two dollars earned” – every dollar counts when upping your mortgage contributions, even when it may not seem like much at the time. The earlier you can start, the bigger the difference your hard-earned money makes in shortening the amortization period and saving on the interest that is owed. Click here to read more.

October: How to safeguard your home investment
by RBC Insurance

Buying a new home is not only exciting, it results in one of the most significant debt obligations most Canadians ever take on. It is also a key life event that requires a thorough review of your personal financial plan, including your insurance needs. Click here to read more.

November: Pre-construction condo financing
by RateHub.ca
The popularity of condos in Canada has risen remarkably over the past three years, especially in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. According to CMHC data, the total number of condo units in production each year has risen 77.2 per cent since 2009. Part of the allure of purchasing a new condo comes from the ability to customize the unit, from the type of flooring to the colour pallet of the kitchen. Click here to watch the video.
December: What are the benefits of a reverse mortgage?
Zoocasa Ask the Pros Question of the Week
Featured answer: I personally do not think there are major benefirs to reverse mortgages. If anything, the main benefit is to the lender who will be charging the client high interest rates — I’ve head interest rates starting at about 8% and up — and putting an elderly client into debt again, instead of allowing them to be debt free in their retirement ages. Click here to read more. 

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