7 Canadian Apps to Simplify Your Move

Do you know what’s more stressful than losing a game for the 20thtime? Moving! Now, don’t get me wrong, I love moving to a different place to experience new things just as much as the next guy, but the actual process of moving is a hassle in itself. 

There are many ways you can make this process more tolerable, for example, installing utilities beforehand or saving money prior to moving. However, there are certain apps that can make the job even more simple. 

1- Sortly

Sortly is a moving inventory app that is extremely innovative. This app simply allows you to take an inventory of your belongings before moving by taking a picture of each item from your phone. Following this, you can reorganize everything while knowing what you possess. Subsequently, after you assign specific objects into separate boxes, you can put labels on each of them. This way when you finally move and unload the boxes, you won’t need to spend hours to find one object, but instead, you can scan the box label to see what it contains. 

2- MovingWaldo

MovingWaldo is rated as Canada’s Number 1 moving website. With this website, you can change your address with your service providers in just seconds which can help to save time while moving. This also allows you save on home services such as telecom, insurance, and security systems by finding the best offers available at your new address.

3- Kijiji and Facebook MarketPlace

Amidst the process of moving, everyone comes across items that they want to get rid of or are intending to replace once they settle down. The best way is to give away or sell unwanted items on certain apps such as Kijiji. It operates in a simple way; all you need to do is take a picture of the object, post an ad and wait for someone to reply back. 

Similar to Kijiji, Facebook MarketPlace is an excellent place to buy and sell items just by browsing through the search bar. This way you could even earn enough money to pay for your entire move!

4- YouTube

YouTube can be used for various entertainment purposes, but it can also be beneficial to some extent. There are several videos online which can make your move simpler. You can take advice from people who have documented their move and learn to avoid the mistakes they made. Along with this, you can also see how simple tasks are done such as taping boxes, packing or moving your dryer, etc. This way you can acquire more knowledge for a successful move.

5- Sharebee

Sharebee is a website which can primarily be used to store any of your belongings at a lower price. This is done by using unoccupied space in private homes to store them in a more secure manner. The advantage of this website is that it stores your belongings near you with many security features such as cameras and guards, and is cheaper than others. 

6- UberEats and Foodora

These are two platforms through which food can be delivered to your house from various different restaurants. If you just moved and don’t have certain utilities hooked up yet like gas supply, you can easily order food online without going through the trouble of making one yourself. Along with this, if you want to try something new, you can read online reviews regarding different restaurants. 

7- The Canadian Tire App (or other departmental store)

If you moved to another location and you need some supplies from the department store, then use their app! Most large brands have one, and everyone should take advantage of this. From there you can get anything from cleaning supplies, storage containers, paint, and other equipment at your doorstep since they deliver objects to your house. How easy.


It’s crucial to think strategically when it comes to anything in life, and moving shouldn’t be anything different. The best way to live a hassle-free life is by utilizing the services that these apps provide for free. Every individual who is in the process of moving their houses should be aware of these websites and the benefits they give.