What Works Today for Marketing Real Estate?

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by Roman Bodnarchuk

There is no denying it -The pace of change in our modern world is dizzying. Just close your eyes and think about life just ten years ago and consider how different things were then. A decade ago nobody had high speed Internet or HTML interfaces. There were no iPods, iPhones or BlackBerrys. Google was just coming out of Stanford and had yet to revolutionize the way the world shares access to information.

Back then nobody was tweeting or had a Facebook profile. And although cell phones were available, they were not everywhere the way they are now, and had only a fraction of their current capabilities. Ten years ago these tools were literally not available and certainly were not an integral part of the real estate marketing landscape. They are most certainly available now – and the challenge is that most developers are still not even using them.

The painful truth is that what sold your property a decade ago is terribly outdated now. Today, smart, skilled builders and developers are trying to market everything from multi‐million dollar developments to single family residences using antiquated methods from the dinosaur age.

It is almost life altering when we present our results – our clients cannot believe that the things they thought were working best were not working at all, and the things they thought worked the least were actually generating 80% of their current business.

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About the Contributor

Roman Bodnarchuk is the Founder and CEO of CondoOutlet.com and N5R.com Both companies focus on the exclusive sales and marketing of condos globally.

Over the past 13 years Roman has been involved in selling out over 150 condo projects in 10 countries and 30 cities for the best developers in the world.

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