The Top Kitchen Trends of Fall 2014

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Could your kitchen be in a magazine? It’s not a far-fetched question if you hope to sell your home for a tidy profit. People spend so much time together in the kitchen, it’s no surprise a beautiful, well-equipped space is high on every buyer’s wish list. And when a kitchen is done right, it can yield a substantial return on investment. Whether you’re thinking of remodeling or just making a few updates, these hot design trends for 2014 will help you create an incredible kitchen that buyers will fall in love with.

Bold lighting

These days, pot lights and task lighting under the cupboards just aren’t cutting it. Dramatic pendant lamps and luminous sconces are the ultimate kitchen statement. Take lighting you’d traditionally see in other areas of the house and try it in the kitchen, using a layered approach.

Different backsplashes

Anything but ceramic tiles seems to be in. Glass, steel, stone, or any other unusual materials are all the rage above the counter. A slab of marble with natural veining is one example we love. The larger the better!

Warm metals

Warm metals like brass, copper and gold are everywhere right now. Incorporate them into your sink and faucet, cabinetry hardware, kitchen hoods, or accessories. They work with every style and are actually more compatible with cool steel appliances than you might imagine.

Gray cabinetry

White may be classic, but if you want a more fashionable look that still has legs, go with gray. The Building Design+Construction Network forecasted that gray would be the fastest growing colour scheme of 2014, and it appears they were right. IKEA’s award-winning kitchen at the 2014 Interior Design Show featured gray cabinetry reminiscent of a French chateau.

Open shelving

Open shelving is a cost-effective solution that’s gaining traction. It’s simple to do and you can have as little or as much on display as you want. Show off your favourite dishes, cookbooks, or crockery, and enjoy easy access to everyday tableware.


If you’re a gadget lover, you’ve probably heard about ‘smart’ kitchen appliances, fixtures and tools that have Wi-Fi capability and sync to your phone. Other cool innovations include convection steam ovens and sensor-activated faucets. An increasingly popular trend is charging stations built into kitchen nooks.


Note: This is the first post of our In-Demand Interior Design for 2014 series. Stay tuned for more top trends in other rooms of the house.

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