Replacing or Repairing Your Windows Is a Homebuyer’s Best First Renovation

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You’ve bought a new house and you’re settling in for at least the next few years. You’re looking around and aren’t sure what to upgrade first. How do you know what’s going to earn you the best return while increasing your quality of home life?

The most obvious answer is the best one: new windows.

While agents and stagers will typically discourage those selling their homes from replacing their windows, as it doesn’t usually show an immediate return on your investment, new windows can make a huge difference in a number of key areas, as long as you have time to enjoy them.

Save on your energy bills

Harsh Canadian winters take their toll on your home—particularly your windows. Especially in older homes, drafty windows can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars each year. There could be a variety of problems with your current windows: out-dated insulation, problems opening or closing the window, or even moisture in the window frame (which is representative of greater problems like mould or decay).

Stopping these drafts save on heating and air-conditioning costs, so the windows will pay for themselves while you’re living with them.

Add some modern aesthetics

People notice windows. An easy way to show you’re investing in your home is to remove those old, dingy windows. You’re increasing your curb appeal exponentially, while impressing visitors. You can also change the style of window, in case your current fixtures are looking dated, allowing you to bring your entire home into a new era.

Improve your quality of life

Studies show that natural light actually boosts your health, both physically and psychologically. New windows have remarkable features, from noise reduction to filtering UV rays. This allows you to sleep better and ensures the light entering your home is safe, even on the brightest days.

Old windows are also notoriously difficult to operate, whereas new windows have guides and better functionality. Some even come apart safely and efficiently to make cleaning a whole lot easier.

Repair instead of replacing your windows

If your windows are fairly new, they may just need a touch-up to keep out the drafts. Repairing is significantly cheaper than a full replacement; if you don’t need to replace your windows, don’t feel pressured. Windows take time to receive the full benefit of your investment, so repairing—normally unnoticeable once it’s complete—could be your best option.

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